I have no idea why of all the law schools that Mike applied to, and got accepted to, we ended up in Oklahoma. Some times I love it here, sometimes I hate it here, other times it doesn't really matter, because its just another place just like everywhere else. Sometimes I wonder why we didn't go to Pepperdine. I could be living in Malibu, enjoying the beach, the warmth and the sun....and the visitors! Oh how it would be to actually have people want to come and see us. Sometimes I wonder why we didn't go to Connecticut. Be completely surrounded by history. We would be two hours from NYC and two and a half hours from Boston. For some reason, out of the 9 or so schools that Mike got accepted to, including the University of Utah, it seemed so easy to just cross most off the list. The Lord wanted us in Oklahoma.

We have made a good life here. We have some amazing friends. We have a beautiful home. I have a good job. And most importantly, Mike is happy with his decision. If we could make the decision all over again, who knows if we would still pick Oklahoma. But for now, we are doing just fine. We make a decent living, in a safe area, while Mike continues to receive his education. And when he graduates in May of 2012, we have absolutely no idea what the Lord will have in store for us. Maybe we'll go back to Utah, maybe we'll stay here, maybe Mike will continue his education and we'll move somewhere else completely. In the long run, we do know what we want out of life, and where we want to be, but this in between time seems to be the most unpredictable. We are simply doing the best that we can with what we have been given. Shouldn't that be the phrase that we all live by? Simply doing the best that we can with what we have been given.

Finals really are awful, my boss really is strange, and sometimes, life really is hard. But we have things like a weekly episode of Modern Family, or fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, that remind us that amidst all the crappy things, there are still really good things too. Not too mention, we have each other. Isn't that just the best one of all?

This blog really makes me sound like I am having a bad day, but I'm not. Just a day of reflection. Always wondering why life is the way that it is. Why we are guided to certain areas in life, or why we are dragged through certain trials. Simply put, because God is trying to teach us something.

I said to Mike the other day, 2010 has been the best year of my life. And it has been. I also told him that there were only a few days left in the year so he better not screw it up. But its true. I have learned a lot about myself this year. I have learned a lot about Mike this year. And together as a couple we have matured and grown.

Now off to make myself a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies....



I gave in. The decorations are on!

Merry Christmas!



20 days until Christmas....but really more like 11 days for us! I don't even care about the holiday, its the getting to go home part that I care about. The anticipation is nearly killing me. Other things that I look forward to in 11 days: Mike being done with school for an entire month and not having to go to work for a week and a half.

Friday night we went to dinner with some friends at a Mexican restaurant called "Cha Cha's". While we were there I saw across the room, Steve, the COO of the company  that I work for. I didn't think that he saw us, but I proceeded to tell Mike and our friends how nice of a guy he was. For somebody who is considered very important in a company, you don't expect to get much attention. But I remember the first time I met him, he knew my name before I even had to introduce myself, and I thought that was very cool of him. Well as we were finishing our meal, our waiter came and told us that the check had been taken care of by the guy sitting at the end of the bar. It was Steve. I was absolutely amazed. I walked over and said thank you, what felt like a million times, because I just felt so much love for this man. He mentioned he was impressed there wasn't a bunch of alcohol on our tab. For two days now, I have just been amazed by this act of kindness by him. Someone who you just wouldn't think even recognizes you on a daily basis, picks up our check at a restaurant for not only us, but also our two friends, for no reason other than because he wanted to. There really are still some good, kind people in the world. And us not getting a bunch of alcohol may have made an impression on him, but he has no idea the impression that he made on me.

Yay Sooners! Big 12 Champs!

My sister mentioned to me that she wanted me to post a picture of my Christmas tree now that I have it up. Only thing is, I didn't decorate it. I know, totally lame, but because this year we have a much taller tree, I don't have enough ornaments to decorate it, and I haven't bought anymore because I can't make a decision on what I want it to look like. And now I am getting to the point of it really is getting to be too late to decorate since we leave in a week and a half. So for now, my tree sits undecorated. It is pre-lit so we do enjoy having the lights on all day. If there are two things that I require when I am home, it is that the tree lights are on and the my wonderful smelling "Holly Berry" candle is lit. But if I do get around to decorating the tree, I promise to take a picture and post it.

Happy Holidays!



We had a fabulous weekend of eating shopping and hanging out with two adorable children.
Oh and their parents are pretty cool too. The holiday season is well under way and I have quite of bit of my Christmas shopping done and I am so glad. My tree is up, my house is decorated, I have watched Elf, I have had several cups of hot cocoa, and the radio is playing Christmas music. Now it just needs to snow, and we will be set. Of course, I don't really know how into the snow idea I am. I think as long as there is snow when I go to Utah for Christmas, it doesn't really need to snow here. I sure hope Mother Nature is reading this.

Oh and we did end up taking the camera back, for all those who were dying to know. The camera didn't have an exposed flash, it was one that had to be lifted up when it needed to be used. It didn't pop up on its own though, and that kinda drove me crazy. Maybe I was just looking for a dumb excuse to take back the camera based off of guilt, but either way, we took it back. And I feel much better about having the computer now.

Now its on to finals for Mike, he has about a week until his first final. Which means lots of quiet and alone time for me here at home. I think I am going to pull all my scrapbook stuff back out and set it all up in the 3rd bedroom so that I have my own little work space. And I haven't really scrapbooked since our summer in Utah, so its about time.

But since Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, I need to do a quick, cheesy list of what I am thankful for. My dear sweet husband definitely tops the list. He is so busy but he always finds time to make me feel special. I love him dearly and even though Oklahoma isn't quite at the top of the places I wanted to live in my lifetime, I would follow him anywhere. I have a fabulous family and wonderful in-laws that are so supportive and loving. Living 1200 miles from them doesn't change the fact that they are always there for us. Our friends here, and our friends in Utah. They understand that with Mike's busy schedule, we may not always be around, but we are always here for you guys, just like you have been for us. My job, that I whine and complain about, is really a very good job. I enjoy what I do, and I am very grateful to have been able to have the opportunity to have gone to school and graduated and still actually like what I do. Of course, the gospel, and the love of my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. I see Their blessings daily and I am grateful for my testimony. My eternal family! Oh what a joy it is to be with my sweet husband, and our children forever. It makes everything we go through here on earth worth it, right? And all the little things like delicious chocolate cake, the smiling faces of a niece and a nephew, a great deal on a new computer, and the lights on a Christmas tree.

This post may be a direct reflection of our current lives: boring and uneventful. And sometimes when I post, its more for journaling purposes or to let my mom know what is going on. I know most of you don't care about the dumb little things that I write about. But it's okay because we are happy.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend full of tender family moments and good food.
Now on to Christmas.....!



Happy Black Friday! And I hope that everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving yesterday. We sure did. We ate some delicious food, including a decadent chocolate cake (which I will blog about when I upload the picture). We ate and napped and played. It was just a fabulous day. Mike and I started our shopping early at midnight last night at Walmart. We bought a camera, price matching from Office Max. Then home for about 3 hours of sleep and back to Best Buy. We showed up just in time to walk in the door. They only had 5 of the computers that we were hoping to get, but luckily, one of the gentleman who had been in line since 6 pm the night before, was selling off all of his tickets for $25 each. He still had the computer one so we took full advantage. So after purchasing our ticket and standing in line for 2 hours at the Best Buy checkout, we proudly walked out with the computer that we wanted, and we didn't even have to stand outside and freeze in the line like everyone else. Then back home for a quick shower and back out to the mall with Brock and Alli and the kids. We were also searching a bit for some luggage, because our suitcases have just had it and we are convinced that one of these days at the airport, our suitcase will be ripped apart while in the airport workers hands. That would be not good. We found a couple good deals, but I figured we had spent enough money for the day and just couldn't make the jump for the luggage too. We finally made it home and I am running still at 3:00 in the afternoon on only 3 hours of sleep. Wow, I'm awesome. Anyway, I hope that everyone got some fabulous deals today, and that you won't regret those purchases later....(I am already thinking I am going to be taking the camera back.) And now, time for my nap.


Home Alone

There really isn't much to say this time around. I don't have a single picture to post either. So I warn, it could get boring.

Mike spent the weekend in Arkansas at a negotiation competition for law school. His team did good, they won both of their negotiations. Unfortunately, they didn't make it to the final four, but we are just glad its over so now he can just get geared up for finals. People, we are almost half way through our law school experience. I can't believe it! And can I tell you being a law school wife is one of the most difficult things? I keep myself pretty darn busy, and Mike is smarter than the average so he doesn't have to study near as much as some of the other law school students. But I tell you what, its rough. So thank goodness that we are 3 semesters in and only have 3 semesters to go.

So its official. I am a runner again. I didn't think it would happen, but when I walked in the gym that first time this past week, I couldn't help but head for the treadmill instead of the elliptical. And let me tell you, this time around I picked it right back up. It was like riding a bike, my body just didn't forget how to do it. I am already running about an hour straight. Which is a great motivator for me to keep running. And oh how I have missed the treadmill. It is so wonderful to be back.

I did do a little crafting this weekend, but we didn't have enough time to finish it, and the game this weekend is at 2:30, so it'll be two weeks before I complete this one and get a picture posted. Speaking of games, this weekend is the last home game this season, and its very bittersweet. I have really enjoyed going and hanging out with Mike and cheering for our Sooners. OU football is definitely an experience. I am gonna take the video camera to the game on Saturday and record the whole opening before the game starts. Its spectacular.

Not much else is going on in our home here in Oklahoma. Our lives from day to day just don't really change much. I work, clean and run. Mike goes to school, works (2 jobs...crazy), and studies. It seems we keep our lives jam packed with nothingness, but we do seem to have a little fun along the way and make a few memories together.


Eat Good, Workout Hard

Happy Halloween everybody! I hope that you are all having a great day. Except its Sunday so pretty much everyone has already celebrated their Halloween. Except here in Norman where the world revolves around football and because there was a game last night, trick-or-treaters are supposed to go out tonight. The rest of the state did their trick-or-treating last night but not Norman. So I hope we don't get any trick-or-treaters because I didn't buy a single bag of candy. I think only one kid came last year so I didn't want to end up with leftover candy, because we all know what happens when I have sweets laying around the house....I eat them. Friday night Mike and I went to a little pumpkin patch, if you can call it that. The pumpkin patches around here aren't like the ones that we are normally familiar with. To actually go to a pumpkin patch and pick out your pumpkin, you have to pay like an $8 admission fee because they have like activities and stuff that you can do. And I am not even sure if that includes the price of the pumpkin. Well I wasn't feeling like I wanted to spend that much money just to go pick out a pumpkin so we just go to this little church yard where they sell pumpkins. We went to the same place last year. Except this year, we waited way too late in the season to go and all the nasty pumpkins were left, which was kind of what I expected, so we didn't even buy pumpkins but at least we got a picture.

No craft this weekend, and with Mike spending the majority of the day at the school preparing for next weeks competition, I was able to go to the mall and to Hobby Lobby and just walk around and enjoy some alone time. Not that I need alone time, I have plenty of that. But shopping is always great to make the time go by.

Saturday nights game against Colorado didn't start until 8:15 at night. We don't really know why, but because it was Halloween weekend, plus an easy OU win, plus it was such a late game, there was a bit of a lighter crowd. It was so nice. Thank goodness the drunk people in front of us only lasted through the 1st quarter. I can't stand drunk college students. OU won 43-10. Only one more home game left for us to go to this season.....bittersweet.

My gym pass paid in full by my work starts tomorrow. I will be a full fledged member of our local YMCA. I am so looking forward to it. I may actually start running again. Mike and I ran from the stadium to the car last night, and I actually kinda missed it. Plus we all know treadmill running is much easier on the knees, so we'll see how that goes.



Why do such awful things happen to the most wonderful people? And why do the great things happen to those who don't deserve it? My dear sweet friend gave birth to her twin boys on Monday morning at 23 weeks. She had an hour with Benson and Lincoln before they returned home to our Heavenly Father. She is so strong. I can't imagine what she is going through.

Haven't you always wondered why things like this happen? What is it that God is trying to teach us? In 5 years will we look back and understand why we had to go through so much turmoil, or will we always wonder, even when such trials have passed, why we had to experience such pain? I don't know why God does things the way he does. But I was once taught by an old friend, do not pray for things to go your way, pray that the Lord's will may also become your own, that you may better understand the things that occur in your life.

I have a good life. I have a wonderful husband, a nice home, a good job, and supportive family and friends. Things definitely don't always go my way. Some days it seems like things never go my way. But who is to say that my way is the right way. Maybe we all just need to get on our knees and ask our Father what it is that He wants us to do, be the instrument.


"To Everything There Is A Season..."

Bad bad weekend for sports.

OU....how could you let us down like that? Horrible defense and not much better of an offense. You were #1 in the nation and you choked. Lame.

Yankees. Seriously? You let the Rangers go the the World Series. And quite easily I should add. Lame.

Mike finished up his first competition this week. This one was the Moot Court competition, the same type of competition he competed in last year. As always, he did great. His team made it into the top 8 and he personally won 4th place for the speaker award. Amazing. As always.

Saturday means another craft down. Yesterday we decided to use up some of the wood that we had leftover from last week's craft and create a Thanksgiving decoration. Andrea and I went our own route and both ideas turned out so adorable. Our friend Karen joined in the festivities yesterday and made the Christmas Countdown craft that we did last week. Hers turned out great! We had a lot of fun and, as always, I am looking forward to next Saturday!

I heard some awful news on Friday about one of my best friends back in Utah. She is pregnant with twins and on Wednesday afternoon she went into pre-term labor at 22 weeks. Things are not looking good for the babies. When I got the chance to talk to her on Friday night, she sounded exhausted but amazingly, she seemed very calm. Please pray for my sweet friend, she could absolutely use all the prayers she can get. She is such a strong person and I know she'll make it through this. Just another of our Heavenly Father's crazy ways of teaching us a little bit more about ourselves.

Michael's has started putting out there Christmas merchandise again. So I started scouting the place out at least a couple times a week waiting for my candle to appear. And on Saturday...it did! And I even had a 40% off coupon on hand. So yes, if you were to walk into my house, right now for instance, it already smells like Christmas. I seriously wait all year for this candle to come out. For all who are interested, the scent is "Holly Berry" and the brand is Ashland. I am pretty sure this candle is sold exclusively at Michael's but it is worth tracking down. And the best part about it....regular price its only $5.99 for the largest size! And thats if you ever pay full price. Usually they are on some sort of sale or you can at least find a coupon for it. Get one. I totally recommend it.



4 years ago today was our first date. It was Friday the 13th....but it seemed to work out pretty well for us. For all who are interested, we went to dinner and then to a corn maze.

4 years ago tomorrow (so I don't have to do a separate post tomorrow) we had what some would call a "DTR" (define the relationship) and became an official couple.

Yep, this may sound retarded to some that I remember these dates. I actually quizzed Mike last night on these dates along with what I was wearing on each day between Oct. 10-14, but he couldn't remember. I still haven't quite figured out why I can remember. But anyway, these days are special to me.

And for all who are curious, our first kiss was on Oct. 26th.

I love my Michael. And I am so grateful for the month of October in 2006. He changed my life completely. I knew it the moment I told him to be Peter Pan that Halloween, and he did. Tights and all.

Love you babe.



 Look at these super cute Halloween Candy Corn Wreath's that we made! My friend Andrea and I glued and glued for over 2 hours to get these wreaths done but I am so happy with the final product. I hung it on my front door, and it looks great, but the picture that you get to see is flipped because that is what happened when I uploaded it. I, once again, couldn't get it to flip right. If anyone else has figured out how to get this fixed, please let me know. Its only the pictures that have no people in them, so I am betting its some facial recognition thing. Anyway, super fun wreath to make. The link for how to do it is right here.

Today I created a new tradition. Well first off, happy 4 year anniversary to Mike today who got home from his mission on October 10, 2006! (Also today is our 4 year anniversary for holding hands for the first time. Yes, Mike held my hand the day he got home from his mission, for the first time ever. It scared the heck out of me. That's a different story for a different day.) Anyway, two of Mike's favorite foods from the mission were Patacones, which are friend plantains, and what he calls "immigration hot dogs" because the vendor that sold these hot dogs was outside the immigration building in Panama. When we visited Panama in 2008, I had the pleasure of trying both and both were just as delicious as he described. So today, guess what we had for dinner? Yep, patacones and immigration hot dogs. The hot dogs are actually a kind of hot dog that is popular in Colombia, and it has pineapple sauce, coleslaw, and crushed potato chips on it, along with the typical hot dog toppings. And I think dinner was a success! Mike seemed to enjoy it anyway. After dinner he said, "You realize what you have done right?" I actually had no idea what I had done. He said, "You have created a tradition. Now every year on October 10th this is what we have to have for dinner. Even when we have kids." Yay, I love new traditions! Here are the links for the Patacones and Colombian Hot Dogs.

Cheesy I know, but we love our new carpet. And this is right after we got it in. We love it.

I became an official employee at my job on October 4th. I was supposed to be on contract until November 30th, but they must have decided that they just really love me. But that means that I will get benefits soon! I am so excited!

And look how cute we are!

I love my siblings. Miss you guys.



Oh and my sister is coming tomorrow! Happy happy joy joy!



Happy birthday to my sweetheart yesterday! He turned 25 years old! Our family birthday rule is that you can do whatever you want on your birthday, money is not an option (within reason), but the rule is that you have to make all the decisions on your own. Since Mike and I are both really bad decision makers, this gets us to make some decisions about what we really want to do without any influence from an outside party. So we got up on Saturday morning and Mike went to his normal 2 hour football game with some men from the ward and other friends. The difference this Saturday was that I went with him and watched. It was fun to sit there in the grass and watch my man sweat a bit. He even scored a touchdown!
Then we came home and I made him breakfast. Biscuits and gravy, bacon and Orange Julius. He then opened his gifts which were basically just things that he desperately needed. I also did give him the first season of "Modern Family" which he just loves. As we were out and about yesterday, he said to me..."All I want to do is sit home and watch 'Modern Family'". Haha.
Then we went and saw the new movie "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps". It was okay. I don't think either of us were completely thrilled but it was just fun anyway. Then we went to dinner at a restaurant called "BJ's". It was right about the same time that the OU football game was starting and this place is basically a sports bar and grill so we got to watch the game while eating.  

He got a lot of Happy Birthday phone calls from family and friends.
I made him blow out 25 tea-light candles because his cake was an ice cream cake so we didn't put candles in it.

Guess where we're going to be next weekend?!
Yep, the OU vs Texas game. And I have no idea why this picture is flipped this way. It would not upload the right way. Trust me, I tried like 10 times to reupload it. I even reuploaded it flipped the wrong way trying to get it to flip the right way but it just wouldn't. Anyway, I guess I shouldn't say we will be at the game, Mike and his brother are going to the game, while the rest of us will do who knows what in Dallas. The Texas State Fair is going on (the game and the fair are always the same weekend) so we will probably be doing that. But either way, we are getting away for a couple days. Ironically enough, we spent last conference weekend with Mike's brothers family. I see a tradition building here. Well for as long as we are living so close anyway. Anyway, Mike had the option to buy tickets because we are season ticket holders. And this game is a really huge deal. All the ticket purchasing for season ticket holders is random. But guess what seats he ended up with?! 4th row on the 40 yard line! We considered selling the tickets and now that we know that they are that good of tickets, we could probably sell them for way more. But Mike and his brother will have an awesome time! And of course, I can't wait to hang out with my sis-in-law and the kids.

And today is the first day that it actually feels like fall. There is a cool breeze in the air and a crispness. No humidity. Oh how I love the fall!


Modern Glee

Best news ever! The landlords replaced the fridge. We now have cold food awaiting any and all hunger or thirst. Can I tell you how wonderful cold water is? It is so wonderful. Especially after an early morning workout. Its been rough, but we persevered. And then we got some more great news. The landlord looked at our carpet and decided to replace it. And not just in the molding room. Yes, the whole house is getting new carpet! Do you know what this means?? 1) I will actually feel clean again. 2) I won't be embarrassed to have people over. 3) My house will smell good. 4) We won't have to move. 5) According to Mike's law school friends, I will be happy again which means that he can be happy. This is fantastic news. So Tuesday they will be out to measure and then we are well on our way to a pretty awesome house. So excited.

Do you know what else is super exciting? We got our flights booked to go home for Christmas! Its official. We will be there on December 16 and will be there until December 27! My boss finally gave me the okay, so we hurried and booked our tickets so now there is no going back. I absolutely can't wait for the holidays! I love the good food, the Hollyberry Christmas candle, the Christmas lights, the family traditions, the Christmas tree, the shopping, and the general happiness that the holidays bring. We assume we are spending Thanksgiving in Houston again with Mike's brother and his family. We should probably get the official scoop on that one before we get too certain. But I'm just so excited for holidays and some awesome family fun!

Brag Alert: Mike's just awesome. This year he will be participating in 3 law school competition. He will be doing the same moot court competition that he did so well in last year. He will also be participating in a tax competition because he has taken a liking to tax law lately (I know, kinda weird, but quite awesome at the same time). And finally, he has been chosen as 1 of 4 students to travel to Arkansas to compete in the American Bar Association (ABA) Negotiation Regional Competition. I know, awesome right? So I am a proud wife. Mike never seems to disappoint so I seem to always be a proud wife. We don't know when we will be hearing back from all the internships that he has already applied for for next summer, so we still don't quite know where we will be. Could be Utah. Could be Texas. Could be good, old Oklahoma. Could be somewhere else. As long as we find an internship, we don't really care. Okay, we...meaning I.....care a little bit. But its out of my control.

I feel like painting fingernail polish all over my nasty, old carpet before it gets ripped up. Who wants to come?

Oh! And the new season of Modern Family and Glee start this week! And Mike's turning 25 on Saturday! Gonna be an awesome week!



Well the football season has begun. Its official. We both have season tickets to OU this year (compared to last year only Mike having a season ticket because we didn't perform the spouse "process" correctly....stupid). Yesterday was the season opener. And of all teams to play, we played Utah State! We were excited to have such an easy win because everyone knows Utah State isn't so great. Well, we were nearly disappointed. OU played so so so horribly! OU was always in the lead scoring-wise, but at one point we really did think it was possible that we might lose! Lose to UTAH STATE!!! That just would have been embarrassing. Luckily we pulled through and won the game. Thank goodness or we may have stopped claiming the Sooners. Before the game, we were ranked 6 or 7, and even though we won, based on yesterdays game, we definitely shouldn't have been. So hopefully things turn around. And if anyone wants to come out and go to a game, you are more than welcome to take my ticket...and we even have a room you can stay in. (I know, right after I talk about how bad our football team is....but its not how good or bad the team is....its the Oklahoma football experience). We bought our Texas/OU tickets. If you know nothing about college rivalry, you may not know that this is one of the top in the nation. This game is huge! We got first dibs on tickets because we are season ticket holders. They were $120 a piece. Yes, I know. Super pricey. But we have to go at least once while we are Sooners, and if we decided to sell them, Mike has already gotten at least one offer for $200 a piece. So in the end if we don't go, we profit quite a bit! They always play the game in Dallas and its always the same weekend as the Texas State Fair. So either way, I think we will be going to Dallas that weekend. The Texas State Fair is the fair with the hundreds of different types of fried foods! And I have got to do that while I live here. It just sounds like an absolute blast!

I started my job this week. It seems to be going well. I am just happy to be working and not having to spend every day in this nasty house. The work days are starting out slow but I am sure once I learn more, they will pick up. All I know is I get paid well and my commute is about 15 minutes. So other than that, I don't really care!

Our house is still nasty. I haven't done a thing since we cleaned up the mold. And we still haven't heard from our landlord. If they don't contact us, we will contact them as soon as our rent check gets cashed. That way we know that they are officially home from being out of town. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that they just replace the carpet and the fridge and that we won't have to move out.

Anyway, anticipate bad blogging from me until I can get myself settled. I just feel like I am not having much time lately. And I have been working out every single day (except Sundays)....go me!....so time is even more scarce! But I truly look forward to the day when I have good news to share about this house!



I hate this house. I was so happy to be in the same neighborhood, in the same ward, have an easy move to the house next door. All those joys are being completely wiped out by the fact that I hate this house. Mike and I have put so so so much work into this place. I have never worked so hard to make sure that my house was clean and smelled clean. So in addition to all the battles that we face in this house (including the smelly fridge that we STILL haven't used...oh how I miss refrigerated foods), yesterday I was cleaning carpets. Out of the kindness of a friend, we were able to borrow a carpet cleaner which I was so glad because I really want to get this smoke smell gone and the carpets were just really grimy. So yesterday I cleaned the living room...no problems, the office...no problems, and then I went to clean the guest bedroom. OH. MY. GOSH. There was a really big stain on the floor that we don't really remember when we moved in but its big and nasty and brown....we're thinking coffee was spilled. Well it was so big that part of the bed was covering it. Now obviously, the bed was up on a bed frame so its not like the stain was being suffocated. We moved the bed last night so that I could clean the carpet and this is what we found:
Do you see that?? Even if you don't, its because the camera wasn't doing the MOLD justice. Yep, whatever it was that was on the carpet was molding. I wanted to die. It just makes me think what else in this nasty house is molding, besides the fridge anyway. We cleaned it with the carpet cleaner but the stain still doesn't really come up. Plus what we read online was even if you clean the mold, it usually will come back. Sick. So we have had it. So thank goodness I married a lawyer. He wrote a nasty but not so nasty letter to our landlord pretty much telling them that they replace the carpet (or at least get some professionals in here to take care of it) and replace the fridge or we are out. And that we want our full deposit back. Because seriously, I'm paying rent, and I should not have to live like this.

And I can't even bake because I don't have a fridge to put eggs in. Sad.



Quick Update: We made it to Oklahoma. No car troubles, no driving troubles. Everything was smooth. Until we got home. Our fridge is pretty much rotten (stupid tenants before us left broccoli in the freezer and unplugged it). Mike scrubbed and scrubbed but that smell doesn't go away. The washer decided to overflow and flooded our laundry room and hallway. Luckily, Mike saw it before it completely soaked our living room. Mike's the  best and fixed it though. The printer wouldn't work. Mike fixed that too. It just seemed like nothing was going right. But Friday the 13th is pretty much over. We will lay in our bed and watch a movie and then we will go to New York in the morning. And when I get back, I will update on my last few days in Utah and our trip to New York!



I think its time that I make this chocolate cake. Just sayin. Is that not one of the most amazing cakes you have ever seen? Its on the list. Is it bad to make the cake that I want for Mike for his birthday?

One week. One more week in Utah. I know that I mention this every time that I blog but its coming so soon. It just breaks my poor little female heart. This back and forth stuff is tougher than I thought it was going to be. I go to Oklahoma and I feel like I was never in Utah. And then I come to Utah and I feel like I was never in Oklahoma. Its really weird.

 I have already started applying for jobs in Oklahoma. And I actually have my first interview already lined up. We get home the 12th and leave the 14th for New York so I was lucky that I had a day to interview in between. I really hope that this time its just easy. I would really like to just go to this interview, have them just love me and have me just love them, for them to offer me the right amount of money and then to just be hired. Just easy. That would be so nice. Fat chance, I'm sure.

We leave for New York in 11 days! I am so excited. We now have our hotels booked so we can breathe a little bit easier knowing we have somewhere to stay once we get there. I can't wait for our vacation. It makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Mike is already applying for internships for next summer. Apparently he applies earlier in his 2nd year because he has a year of grades behind him so he can. Its crazy to already be planning next summer when we aren't quite finished with this summer yet. He's made a couple of connections here in Utah with some attorney's and applied at a number of firms. He is keeping his options open though, looking in Oklahoma and also in Texas. So who knows where we will be next summer.

I see that in Norman this week its like 105 degrees!! I am so sorry for all my friends having to experience that and the humidity along with it. I am also so glad to be missing it.

There was really no point to this blog...



My dear friend Annie got married yesterday! We were lucky enough to go to the ceremony in the beautiful Salt Lake Temple. The sealer was wonderful. The spirit in that room was so strong. Annie looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress that HER MOM MADE! Yes, her mother made her dress. How cool is that? And so much more meaningful to her I'm sure. Congrats to her and her new husband!

I finished another book: "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am sure most of you have heard of it now, since the movie starring Julia Roberts will be coming out soon. I actually started reading it before I even knew there was a movie, which makes me happy knowing I was reading it just to read it. I have heard mixed reviews about this book but I really enjoyed it. She had such a self-discovering journey. Its interesting to read her thoughts and realize how truthful her words are. It just all made sense. And it was entertaining. But don't take my word for it. You may hate it. But now I'm excited to see the movie. (I do secretly wish it was Sandra Bullock playing this part though....Julia Roberts will do good though.)

Two weeks from today we ship ourselves and all our stuff back to Oklahoma. Mike is really really excited. Not so much for me. Mike is just really looking forward to starting school again. I am really not looking forward to him starting school again. I have really liked having him around during the summer and when he starts school, he will be back to being the silent, studious type. Plus, I have to find a job again. And job searching is just not fun. If anyone knows of anything open in Norman, I am pretty much game for anything....well almost anything. I am looking forward to being in my house again with all my stuff. I sure have missed my stuff. Just that home-sweet-home feeling. And I miss my friends! Can't wait to see everyone again!



I went through my mom's computer and found some pictures, some that I've seen, others that I hadn't ever seen, all that I absolutely love.

The day I went through the temple:

Capturing the moment while capturing the moment on Easter:


In the motorhome with Grandma:

Happy Birthday to me:

Reading to my nieces:



I have so much real stuff to blog about. But this was way more fun.



My family finally got around to taking family pictures last night. We had originally planned to take them up Big Cottonwood Canyon, but things changed so to make things easier we just took them in my parents back yard. I think that they turned out well though. And it was pretty painless. 4 little kids and not a single tear. My sister is working on the editing of these pictures but as soon as I get my hands on them I will be posting. In the meantime, here is one that my little brother took of us while waiting for our turn to get our pictures done.


Big Apple

So we did it, we are finally going on a vacation. We have been wanting to take one for the past 6 months but we could never figure out where to go or when to go. So for the past few days we have thrown up all kinds of ideas. So many countries/states to choose from. We even considered going to Panama again. But all in all it came down to where have we both wanted to go but neither of us have been that was within the range that we wanted to spend. The answer?


We had such a hard time actually clicking the book button on Orbitz. But we are so glad that we are doing it! As soon as we booked our flights we were buying tickets to The Lion King on broadway and a Yankees game. So now that the three most important things are booked, we probably should find a hotel to stay in.

The coolest part about this whole trip?? We start out the trip spending two days in Niagara Falls!! I have wanted to go to Niagara Falls for so long and now we are finally going!

We had to figure out how to squeeze this trip in between leaving here and Mike starting school again. Which means we now will be leaving here about 5 days earlier than we had planned, which is such a bummer, cuz I love Utah. But it will definitely make the transition back to Oklahoma much easier by throwing a vacation in the mix!


The Council of Dads

I just finished reading "The Council of Dads" by Bruce Feiler. This was a fantastic book. I think the thing that I liked most about this book is it reminded me of certain things that I want to make sure that I incorporate into my parenting when I have kids.

Approach the cow
Pack your flip-flops
Don't see the wall
Tend your tadpoles
Live the questions
Harvest miracles

Always learn to juggle on the side of a hill
Take a walk with a turtle
Hug the monster

These things may not mean much as written, but when you learn the story in the book that goes behind each of these phrases, you will learn why they are so important. This is the type of book that you want to own, so that you can highlight the multiple lessons that are learned.

One day I'll buy it, and I'll reread it with my highlighter.



Before we moved to Oklahoma, we were in the South Jordan 1st ward. Mike served as a priest advisor and I was a miamaid advisor. Yesterday the youth were on there way to trek when tragedy hit them. Here is the article pulled from KSL.

Bus carrying LDS youth to pioneer trek destroyed by fire
By Sarah Dallof

RAWLINS, Wyo. -- A handcart pioneer trek got off to a scary start when a tour bus taking some South Jordan teenagers to the starting location caught fire.

The real challenges for this group of young men and women from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints weren't supposed to start until their bus reached Martin's Cove. Instead, they found themselves with seconds to escape the burning bus.

"Within minutes our bus is engulfed in flames. Within literally 12 minutes the bus was completely burned to the frame." - Jeff Raditz, trek leaderFor many LDS teens, a handcart trek in Martin's Cove is a rite of passage -- a way to honor the pioneer experience. It's an example of faith and endurance.

"A lot of people died there. The people left Winter Quarters too late. They got stuck in the snow. It was 18 degrees below zero [Fahrenheit]," explained Susan Harker.

Harker's two kids, Avrielle and Craig, are on the trek with the young women and men of the South Jordan 1st Ward. The real danger, though, was in getting there and getting out of a bus on fire.

It all started with a flat tire outside Rawlins, Wyo., a couple hours away from Martin's Cove.

Trek leader Jeff Radditz said the entire bus burned in 12 minutes. "Shortly after the first flat tire, we immediately got a second flat tire," said trek leader Jeff Radditz. "They fixed that within a half hour, and another half hour passed. We were on the road, and another tire went flat and caught fire."

Radditz took home video of the bus burning on the side of the interstate. He took a cell phone picture of the end result.

"Within minutes our bus is engulfed in flames," he said. "Within literally 12 minutes the bus was completely burned to the frame."

"My daughter said there were flames coming through the floor of the bus as they were exiting," Harker said.

While the teens lost all of the supplies, some even their shoes in the fire, no one was hurt. The bus company sent a new bus, and the youth group stopped in Rawlins to take a vote on if they should continue. The decision was a unanimous "yes."

"All sorts of bad stuff happens in life, and you can't just lie down and die. You have to keep going. I think this is an important lesson for them," Harker said.

The group says they've been overwhelmed by the generosity of the people who stopped to help them, providing water, blankets and supplies.

They'll be back in Utah Thursday night.

Interesting to note that if we would still have been living in Utah, Mike and I would have been there with those kids. I am so grateful to know that everyone is okay. Its amazing the positive attitude that has come from all those who were there. We are a blessed people.


♥ Summer ♥

I ♥ Summer so much. On Thursday we went to Lagoon with my family because it was stake lagoon day. Mike and I are not much into rides, (the motion sickness just kills me) so we spent most of the day taking my niece around to ride the kiddie rides. We had a great time and I even got a churro! You just have to have a churro when you go to Lagoon.

Saturday we went hiking again. I am falling in love with hiking. It makes you feel so healthy and its so good to be up in the mountains. I'd like to say that I am going to take it up as a hobby, but living in Oklahoma makes that hard. So I guess I will just enjoy it while I am in Utah this summer.

Speaking of, this summer is flying by! Its so sad! Not only is summer the best season of the year and its almost over, but we only have a month left here in Utah. Then back to Oklahoma. No big deal, except I dread having to find another job. Seriously dread it. So much I don't even want to talk about it. Moving on...

Yesterday Mike and I spent the day at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. We had a good time just taking in the small town, slow paced life. Grandma stuffed us full of all kinds of yummy foods including her signature scones and malts. I have yet come across a malt that is as good as Grandma's. And all she puts in it is vanilla ice cream, milk and homemade strawberry jam. But I still can't make it taste like hers.



July 3, 2010. I turn 24 years old! To celebrate I had the whole day planned out. Mike and I and his mom and dad went to an early morning breakfast at Johanna's Kitchen. So delicious. Then we headed to Brighton Ski Resort to do a little hiking. We hiked to three lakes: Lake Mary, Lake Martha and Lake Catherine. I haven't been hiking in years and it was fun to spend some time in the beautiful mountains.  Oklahoma should get some mountains. Its missing out. Plus I found $5 in cash on the hike. Happy Birthday to me!! Then homeward to shower and put on our matching shirts (cuz I love matching Mike and its my birthday so I get to do what I want). Then my folks took us to Costco (cuz its my birthday tradition) to buy some treats and eat some yummy pizza for lunch. Nothing is better than Costco pizza. Then homebound again to get some R&R before the parade with the fam. The parade was, of course, a ton of fun. Then my parents took us out for Mexican. I love Mexican. Mike and I had full intentions of watching fireworks, but we were just wiped out so we decided against it and instead went home and fell asleep on the couch watching a movie. I love birthdays.

On Sunday, we had my birthday dinner at my parents house and it couldn't have been better. Family and food....and Texas Sheet Cake!! And I even got to blow out 24 candles. Everyone kept reminding me that this is the last year that I only have to buy one package of candles. Yeah, yeah, so I am getting kind of old. But I love blowing out candles on my cake. I am childlike, I know.

Yesterday neither of us had work, so it was a pretty chill day. Which sometimes is just what is needed. I had a high school friend get married last night so we spent the evening in Park City, which was beautiful. It was a beautiful wedding and I am very happy for her.



Last weekend, Mike and I and his dad, two brothers, and sis-in-law, went out west of Utah Lake to go shooting. I think Mike was pretty excited to shoot his gun again and his brother and dad have a lot of guns, so there was always plenty to choose from. I am not the most amazing shooter but I hit a couple of the clay pigeons. Shot guns are the most painful to shoot (darn bruise on my shoulder), but they are the most fun to shoot cuz you are shooting at a moving target. I like that.

Birthday on Saturday! Got the whole day planned out! I love birthdays. I love eating junk all day, doing whatever I want, and shopping. Oh how I love the shopping.

Good news, well kinda, after spending about $160 on a new hard drive and Windows 7, we, or should I say Mike and my dad, fixed his computer. What I have learned through this experience: dropping a laptop when its on is worse than dropping it when its off, always save to your hard drive, carry the computer with two hands, and NEVER buy from Dell again.



I dropped Mike's laptop yesterday. Its less than a year old. And it doesn't work anymore.
So now we are not only out a computer, we are out all the documents from his first year of law school.
I love my life.
If you'd like to donate to the "Mike's New Laptop Because His Wife Is Retarded Fund", please contact us by email or phone.


Toy Story

My dad took Mike and I out for dinner and a movie last night to pay us back for some yard work we did for him. We went to Red Robin....second time eating there in less than a week. But so delicious and so worth it. And then we went to see Toy Story 3. This movie has gotten a lot of hype....and it is definitely worth all the hype. I thought it was fantastic. There wasn't a single part that I can think of that was even the slightest bit boring. Its got you laughing and its got you crying, fantastic all around. I give it 5 stars.
One star for the fact that grown up Andy looks just like Greg Brady
One star for the Latin Buzz
One star for Ken's wardrobe
One star for Ken's Dream Mansion
One star for the triceratops at Bonnie's

My little brother got braces yesterday. So excited for him. Can I just say how much I love that kid? Couldn't ask for a sweeter 13 year old brother.

Brag Alert: Mike did great in school last semester. But one especially impressive grade was his A+ in his Torts class. Yes, you can earn A+'s in Law School....at least at OU anyway. Then they came out with the rankings, and that A+ gave him the highest grade in the class. Continuing to be so amazed with Mike and his intelligence. Love you babe!

I haven't baked yet this week. Still trying to figure out which recipe to tackle this time. But my brotherinlaw made some chocolate chip macaroons on Sunday which are super good, but now that they have toughened up a bit, they taste very similar to the Girl Scout cookie: Samoas. All they have in them is coconut, vanilla, chocolate chips, and sweetened condensed milk. I am going to have to get the exact recipe and make them. So delish.

This past weekend was Country Fest in South Jordan. Mike and I joined in some of the festivities and went on Friday night with our dear friends to walk around and then Saturday we went to the parade with my family. We do it every year. Here are some pics that I stole from my sisters blog from the parade.