It's Friday. Thank The Heavens For That One.

Today has already been a doozy. So lucky that there are some moments when sitting on a computer at work that can be completely inspirational. You just have to find the right material. And inspiration is how I will lead into this lovely Labor Day weekend.

Read this.

Once you have read that, read this.


There Is A Lady In My Ward That Lived In New Zealand Awhile Back.

Her and her husband just decided they were sick of Utah and they needed to take themselves a little break. One day her husband comes home and says, I think we need to move to New Zealand. And so they did. How amazing is that? And how brave. How many of us would pick up and move to the opposite side of the world? They had no jobs, no connection, nothing for them when they got there. Except pure freedom. Peace of mind. I don’t recall how long she said they lived there. It wasn’t for very long. And then when they decided it was time to come back, they took the long way home. Stopped and traveled along the way.

For some reason I have been reflecting a lot on our time in DC last summer. I have found myself missing it. Because as much as I hated the droplets of sweat dripping down my back as soon as I walked out the door, what an amazing city to live in. To be surrounded at every turn by the things that built this country. Maybe it’s the itch of needing a little bit more variety in my life. Since we all know how much fun getting up and going to work every day is.:) Does anybody else get bored as quickly as Mike and I do? Maybe it’s the product of being on the go go go since we have been married. Things sure do slow down once school is over. And yet, in all my boredom, how nice it is to be settled. To be able to make plans. To be able to have stability. To be able to see the product of all the work that we put in. I feel so lucky to be where I am. We worked hard for this settled, stable life. I guess maybe I just need a few more picnics in the park and kitchen dance parties to keep things interesting


I Try, But I Admit, I Really Just Don’t Like Def Leppard...

...but please play me Elton John, all the day long.

Veggie Straws, eh? Nursery food if there ever was one, but I love them oh so much.

I have started to read blogs again. And I forgot how utterly addicting they are. Because now all I want to do is read blogs. Those debits and credits can wait….meanwhile, on Love Taza back in January 2008…

There was a fight at Mike’s soccer game last night. That was fun. And no, Mike wasn’t involved. I told him I would disown him as a child if he ever fought in a rec league soccer game.

Some fairies came and decorated our office overnight. The amount of pictures that is now hanging on the wall is border-line highly excessive. We've got some nature. Some are business related. And then some are like these:

Things just got weird, huh?
Does anyone else actually pray in their morning prayers that the workday will go by quickly? No? Just me?


Speaking Of

There is just something about people who tease. And I don’t mean tease in a brotherly sisterly love sort of way. And I also don’t mean the bullies at school way. I just mean those beyond irritating folk that find it just so fantastically fun to say things just to see if they can get a rise out of you. Well guess what? You won. You got a freaking rise out of me. And then I proceeded to absolutely blow up at them. Because when you try to get a rise one to many times out of this extremely stubborn person, you are absolutely gonna get a rise. Unfortunately, we work together. So that’s awkward. But someone had to teach them a lesson. You can’t act like a 13 year old forever.

And for the record, I am stubborn. Always have been, always will be. It’s in the genes. But at least I act like the adult that I claim to be.
Word to this beyond irritating folk spoken of above: probably should try just knocking it off. Teasing is for preteens and middle school. And one day someone is going to blow up in your face. And they are going to enjoy it. And you, you’re going to feel like a fool.



The county fair is such the place for nostalgia. Even though I don’t recall ever going to the county fair as a child, going to a fair makes you feel like a child again. Plus, I got to go on a date with my husband. And that right there makes me feel like a giddy school girl. To make it even more nostalgic, and to use that word in a sentence again, BlackHawk was playing at the county fair. A free concert. It’s as if it was meant for us. We saw BlackHawk play a few years ago at another local fair so we knew that we couldn’t pass up getting to see them live again. My love for BlackHawk runs deep into my childhood. My sister, our across the street neighbor friend Brooke, and I would sit on the floor in Brooke’s bedroom and sing the day away to her dad’s BlackHawk cassette tapes. We knew every word. And I don’t know about Brooke and my sister, but I still know every word. And I probably own a greatest hits CD too. So there Mike and I sat, on the bleachers at the fairgrounds, tapping our toes and slapping our thighs to some of the greatest tunes that BlackHawk has ever produced. Mostly I hate when I go to a concert and people sing along. But last night, I was my own personal pet peeve. I just couldn’t help belting it out right along with my favorite old country band.
There are so many things about this man that I love, that face being one of them. The fact that he will eat funnel cake with me at 9:30 at night is another. After the concert we wandered the fair with funnel cake in hand. Word to the wise: eating powdered sugar while walking creates a powdery effect all down the front of you. I was wearing white. Mike didn’t get so lucky.