I went outside today, and I found these little beauties.
Green Grass!
We went to the store yesterday, and found these little MATCHING (again....I know, I love it) beauties.
New Nikes!
Put them together and what does that spell?
Warm running togetherness.


The Piano Man and the Rocket Man

I ♥ Billy
I ♥ Elton

I need to start playing the piano more. And I also need to learn the guitar and drums (in addition to the cello that I have been wanting to learn for years now). Concerts make you wish you were better. More talented. And Elton John and Billy Joel definitely exceeded all expectations of a great concert.

Billy Joel is so entertaining.
Elton John is so passionate.

And together they are nothing less than awesome.

Mike was our photographer of the night, since I couldn't take pictures and give my full attention to the amazingness going on onstage. I am so happy that my dear husband would suck it up and take me to see 2 of my favorite musicians of all time. I think he enjoyed it though.

(The girl in front of us kept doing peace signs, so we had to copy her and get a picture)

Elton words to live by:
"Love is simple, hate breeds"

Billy words to live by:
"And so it goes, and so it goes"


King Sized Joy

I'm addicted to blogging. Recognizing is the first step.

We did it. We finally got ourselves a king-sized bed. More specifically a California King. And I am so excited. We decided to reward ourselves with our tax return. It should show up in the next couple of days. Woohoo! A king-sized bed doesn't mean less cuddling....it just means less elbowing in the middle of the night.

Our washer keeps going in and out on us, so we almost had to make another big purchase this weekend and buy a new washer and dryer, but Mike is amazing and fixed it again. I really don't want to have to buy a new one, but you have to have clean clothes. So we will pray that it keeps going.

Elder Bednar was in town last night. He gave a fireside for families and of course Mike and I attended. I have had a bit of a stigma against him since I once watched a broadcast of him and his wife while I attended the singles ward. He was just super boring. He isn't too boring during General Conference, so last night when we went to this fireside, I decided I was going to be very open and try to get rid of that stigma. And it worked. What a wonderfully entertaining person he is. It helps when he isn't in the General Conference setting, and he can be a little bit more personal. He just did an open format. People asked questions and he answered. Only men with such a spirit about them, like Elder Bednar, can be put on the spot and yet still give such insightful and knowledgeable answers. And you can just see his passion for the gospel on his face. What an amazing opportunity it was to have him speak to us.

3 days until Elton John and Billy Joel concert
26 days until the first day of Spring
41 days until Easter
70 days until our 3 year anniversary
83 days until we are in Utah


Tale of a Crappy Boss

November 2009 I begin working for a company in which I will not name. They are so innovative, I thought. This company is definitely going places, I would say to myself. Crappy boss says, "Oh but we don't have a computer for you yet." I bring my own laptop. "Oh and your office still hasn't been cleaned out, but here is this table you can sit at." In the middle of the sister company accounting office. Okay. "Learn everything you can about the new software. We don't have it yet, no one knows anything about it, but learn everything you can." Apparently I was going to have to implement it and train everyone on it. Fantastic. I was going to have power. Things got better though. My office was cleaned out, I got a computer, and I had a $1000 budget to decorate my office. And I got to go shopping for it on work time. Wonderful. Fast Forward. I was on Christmas break in Utah, which I had reminded crappy boss about time and time again, and crappy boss told me that it was no big deal, the trip wouldn't be a big deal on our schedule. I come back to work on December 31. New Years Eve. Everyone goes home at half day. What a wonderful day of work to come back to. Then, my first real day back at work, crappy boss says, "You know, you going on vacation really screwed us." Hmmm. Don't know how I feel about that comment. Did crappy boss not tell me over and over again that me leaving was no big deal? That's what I thought. I work my butt off. I catch up with everything that I miss and I am on top of it all. Training procedures currently consist of me begging for a moment of time from the accountant at the sister company. He doesn't have much time for me. He is too busy with his own work. I understand. And crappy boss says he wants to train me himself. The end of January comes and goes. Time to prepare monthly financials. The final thing that I need to be trained on before I have a pretty good handle on my job. Wednesday February 10th: Finish up putting in all month end transactions. Good. Tell crappy boss. Crappy boss says that is great and that he didn't have time that day but he would be in my office early the next morning so that we could just bust out financials all day. Awesome. Early morning comes, early morning goes. I go to his office late afternoon. Crappy boss says, "Where were you at 9 am this morning?" I say, "I was in my office, where were you?" Crappy boss says, "Not in your office!" Clever. Then crappy boss says, "Well do you have a minute so that we can start on financials." Yes, crappy boss, I have been waiting for you all day. Crappy boss accompanies me to my office. Gives me 20 minutes of "where to begin" training. Crappy boss says, "If you have questions, I will be in my office." Not my ideal kind of training. Thursday February 11th. I email crappy boss and ask if we can pick up where we left off yesterday. Crappy boss replies, Yes, sorry, I will be over shortly. Awesome, we may be able to get these done by the end of the week. Shortly turned into never. Yes, crappy boss never showed. Friday February 12th. I put the ball in the crappy boss court. I don't hear from crappy boss all day. Loser. Monday February 15th. Crappy boss calls. Wow, I thought. Maybe crappy boss will actually try today. Crappy boss says that he is clearing his afternoon so that we can pick up on financials again. Oh good, I thought, because financials should be out by now. I don't hear from crappy boss, nor see crappy boss the rest of the day. Tuesday February 16. I sit at my desk on the Internet all day and leave early. Rebel. Once again, an entire day without hearing nor seeing crappy boss. Today.....I wonder what my approach should be.


Recipe for Happiness

Make lists of things for which you're grateful in your life.

Practice random acts of kindness.

Forgive your enemies.

Notice life's small pleasures.

Take care of your health.

Practice positive thinking.

Invest time and energy into friendships and family.



Three things that I hate:

My Job. I cry on Sunday nights knowing that I have to go into work on Monday. Its true. Just ask Mike.

Doing taxes. I don't care if I graduated from college with an accounting degree. When I can afford it, I am getting an accountant.

Waking up and feeling like I didn't get any sleep. Which is most nights.

Three things that I love:

My wonderful, amazing, happy, lovable, handsome husband. Love you babe.

Hoodies. Seriously, is there anything more comfortable than an old hoodie?

Large tax returns. Thank goodness for being students in 2009. We are getting a ton of money back. Now the question is can we squeeze in a vacation anywhere. And where to go...


My Loves

I just got a new wave of excitement for the fact that I am going to the Elton John and Billy Joel concert in 13 days! I have to admit, Elton is my number one, with Billy Joel coming in at a close second.....and then behind them Phil Collins. I know, weird. But this music just amazes me. So in honor of my excitement, I am going to post my favorite song (for today anyway) by each of them. Just blogging about this makes me giddy.

"Believe" by Elton John

"Lullaby" by Billy Joel

Both videos from Yahoo!Music


Perfect Intern

The guy in which whom I said looked like Eeyore, passed away a few days ago. He was an alcoholic and I guess his heart just gave out. Somber days at work. He was only 55.

On a more positive note: great news! Mike got an internship for the summer in Utah! Which means we're coming home! I am so excited! We will be home mid-May and be in Utah for the full summer. Yes, I am going to quit my job and yes I am looking forward to it. Its nice to be able to count down to something. The law firm is in Orem and he is really looking forward to interning at this firm. It will be great experience for him and will be great to spend more than a few days with family and friends.

I love good deals and I found another great one. We found this picture to put above our bed! It is huge and pretty and was only $26! It reminds me of Oklahoma because it looks to me like flat green fields. Mike thought it was an ocean though. So I guess its up for interpretation. All I know is that I love it!

I have been scrapbooking a TON lately. I set up my card table in my living room and got out all my stuff. Its much easier to do when its out and in the living room because then I am still hanging out with Mike while I am doing it. It has been a nice creative outlet for me.
And pretty much, that is all. Except the superbowl is on today......GO COLTS! But especially, GO AUSTIN COLLIE! This is the first person that I have actually known that has been in the superbowl. And probably last. And I really don't know him super well, more his wife. But still, it makes football so much more fun to watch!