Modern Glee

Best news ever! The landlords replaced the fridge. We now have cold food awaiting any and all hunger or thirst. Can I tell you how wonderful cold water is? It is so wonderful. Especially after an early morning workout. Its been rough, but we persevered. And then we got some more great news. The landlord looked at our carpet and decided to replace it. And not just in the molding room. Yes, the whole house is getting new carpet! Do you know what this means?? 1) I will actually feel clean again. 2) I won't be embarrassed to have people over. 3) My house will smell good. 4) We won't have to move. 5) According to Mike's law school friends, I will be happy again which means that he can be happy. This is fantastic news. So Tuesday they will be out to measure and then we are well on our way to a pretty awesome house. So excited.

Do you know what else is super exciting? We got our flights booked to go home for Christmas! Its official. We will be there on December 16 and will be there until December 27! My boss finally gave me the okay, so we hurried and booked our tickets so now there is no going back. I absolutely can't wait for the holidays! I love the good food, the Hollyberry Christmas candle, the Christmas lights, the family traditions, the Christmas tree, the shopping, and the general happiness that the holidays bring. We assume we are spending Thanksgiving in Houston again with Mike's brother and his family. We should probably get the official scoop on that one before we get too certain. But I'm just so excited for holidays and some awesome family fun!

Brag Alert: Mike's just awesome. This year he will be participating in 3 law school competition. He will be doing the same moot court competition that he did so well in last year. He will also be participating in a tax competition because he has taken a liking to tax law lately (I know, kinda weird, but quite awesome at the same time). And finally, he has been chosen as 1 of 4 students to travel to Arkansas to compete in the American Bar Association (ABA) Negotiation Regional Competition. I know, awesome right? So I am a proud wife. Mike never seems to disappoint so I seem to always be a proud wife. We don't know when we will be hearing back from all the internships that he has already applied for for next summer, so we still don't quite know where we will be. Could be Utah. Could be Texas. Could be good, old Oklahoma. Could be somewhere else. As long as we find an internship, we don't really care. Okay, we...meaning I.....care a little bit. But its out of my control.

I feel like painting fingernail polish all over my nasty, old carpet before it gets ripped up. Who wants to come?

Oh! And the new season of Modern Family and Glee start this week! And Mike's turning 25 on Saturday! Gonna be an awesome week!


  1. Oh I just love all this happy news!!

  2. Love to read all about what is going in you life. Things are looking good for you. Hurrah! And since Mike is turning 25 on the
    25th, he should get 25 presents. Are you up to taking that one on Abby? Happy Birthday to Mike!