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first snow day
holy Snack Heaven 
 waiting for the train, briefcase in tow
 learning how to play POGS
 my bedtime the night after the half marathon
my meal the night after the half marathon
view from the 23rd floor 
best part of carving pumpkins


Post 13.1

We finished! 2:21:46. And I can honestly say that I never really thought I was going to run it. But I did. We did. Mike was by my side the whole time. Love him. Have I suddenly become a race junkie? Ask me on a day that my hips aren't screaming at me.
And we had an awesome support team that cheered us on throughout the course. Thank you guys, you rock!



This is the mix I will be listening to tomorrow while I run my first ever half marathon. I guess I'm hoping the inspirational words are going to will my knees to keep going? (Mix downloaded from rockmyrun.com) Anyway, I'm super pumped. So pumped I barely slept last night, which means tonight is going to be completely restless. I'll be lucky to have Mike right by my side, because why would he need to run fast when he could run with me and enjoy the journey. Thank you, President Uchtdorf. Mike's sister will be running with us too, which makes this full on family fun! If you call running fun.


An Attorney.

All he had to do was sign the rolls....
{oh and go to law school and study and pass the bar}
And he became an Attorney.
Amazing, he is.


A New Set of Knees If You Please

Yesterday I ran 10.19 miles {every inch counts} with my best friend. Which is Mike if you were confused. That is the farthest I have ever run. And it was wonderful. Oh so mentally proud. And oh so physically drained. And sore. So if you feel like you want to donate a new set of hips and knees and the arch from your right foot, me and my half marathon will be more than willing to accept.
But just look at that sunrise shining off the temple. Quite the run.

Yesterday, they changed the missionary age for missionaries in my church. Young men can now leave when they are 18. What a piece of history this is! Yesterday I asked my 15 year old brother what he thought of the announcement. He is so excited! My poor parents on the other hand. When boys leave on their missions, they come home as grown men. All mature and stuff. Which means my parents just lost an entire year of my baby brothers childhood. My dad was putting up baseboards yesterday and was so upset about the announcement, he cut them wrong. Had to replace every last one of them. Grateful he's making good choices, just hard to see the baby grow up.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies taste like fall. I would know. I think I've had like 12 today.

Mike got his diploma.


Six Things. To Be Exact.

Being sick is a gosh, darn shame. They stuff you so full of immunizations that you think it would take something equal to the plague to infect you. But then they throw you in a miniature cubicle with a sickly and no wonder. Yep. No wonder. By the way, I'm immune to NyQuil. Which is another gosh, darn shame.

I found Downton Abbey season three online! Waiting for the Sir to get home from his run so we can watch episode one. Season Three! And no, I didn't go for a run. Currently, breathing while sitting is enough of a task.

Speaking of, Mike is grocery shopping during his run. That man took a backpack and is picking up a few things. If I didn't marry the greatest man in the world, then that man doesn't exist.

Fighting through the depression of once again being employed is quite the task. All household chores have fallen to the wayside. Wait...I did clean the toilet yesterday. Point for me. My laziness seems to have gotten the best of me. Pathetic. However, I have yet to run out of clean underwear. Thanks to my always energetic husband. Let's just say he's making up for the chores he missed while he was in school. And then my groove will come back and all will be well again.

Hummus is awesome. Long live The Beatles. Peace.