My dear friend Annie got married yesterday! We were lucky enough to go to the ceremony in the beautiful Salt Lake Temple. The sealer was wonderful. The spirit in that room was so strong. Annie looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress that HER MOM MADE! Yes, her mother made her dress. How cool is that? And so much more meaningful to her I'm sure. Congrats to her and her new husband!

I finished another book: "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am sure most of you have heard of it now, since the movie starring Julia Roberts will be coming out soon. I actually started reading it before I even knew there was a movie, which makes me happy knowing I was reading it just to read it. I have heard mixed reviews about this book but I really enjoyed it. She had such a self-discovering journey. Its interesting to read her thoughts and realize how truthful her words are. It just all made sense. And it was entertaining. But don't take my word for it. You may hate it. But now I'm excited to see the movie. (I do secretly wish it was Sandra Bullock playing this part though....Julia Roberts will do good though.)

Two weeks from today we ship ourselves and all our stuff back to Oklahoma. Mike is really really excited. Not so much for me. Mike is just really looking forward to starting school again. I am really not looking forward to him starting school again. I have really liked having him around during the summer and when he starts school, he will be back to being the silent, studious type. Plus, I have to find a job again. And job searching is just not fun. If anyone knows of anything open in Norman, I am pretty much game for anything....well almost anything. I am looking forward to being in my house again with all my stuff. I sure have missed my stuff. Just that home-sweet-home feeling. And I miss my friends! Can't wait to see everyone again!



I went through my mom's computer and found some pictures, some that I've seen, others that I hadn't ever seen, all that I absolutely love.

The day I went through the temple:

Capturing the moment while capturing the moment on Easter:


In the motorhome with Grandma:

Happy Birthday to me:

Reading to my nieces:



I have so much real stuff to blog about. But this was way more fun.



My family finally got around to taking family pictures last night. We had originally planned to take them up Big Cottonwood Canyon, but things changed so to make things easier we just took them in my parents back yard. I think that they turned out well though. And it was pretty painless. 4 little kids and not a single tear. My sister is working on the editing of these pictures but as soon as I get my hands on them I will be posting. In the meantime, here is one that my little brother took of us while waiting for our turn to get our pictures done.


Big Apple

So we did it, we are finally going on a vacation. We have been wanting to take one for the past 6 months but we could never figure out where to go or when to go. So for the past few days we have thrown up all kinds of ideas. So many countries/states to choose from. We even considered going to Panama again. But all in all it came down to where have we both wanted to go but neither of us have been that was within the range that we wanted to spend. The answer?


We had such a hard time actually clicking the book button on Orbitz. But we are so glad that we are doing it! As soon as we booked our flights we were buying tickets to The Lion King on broadway and a Yankees game. So now that the three most important things are booked, we probably should find a hotel to stay in.

The coolest part about this whole trip?? We start out the trip spending two days in Niagara Falls!! I have wanted to go to Niagara Falls for so long and now we are finally going!

We had to figure out how to squeeze this trip in between leaving here and Mike starting school again. Which means we now will be leaving here about 5 days earlier than we had planned, which is such a bummer, cuz I love Utah. But it will definitely make the transition back to Oklahoma much easier by throwing a vacation in the mix!


The Council of Dads

I just finished reading "The Council of Dads" by Bruce Feiler. This was a fantastic book. I think the thing that I liked most about this book is it reminded me of certain things that I want to make sure that I incorporate into my parenting when I have kids.

Approach the cow
Pack your flip-flops
Don't see the wall
Tend your tadpoles
Live the questions
Harvest miracles

Always learn to juggle on the side of a hill
Take a walk with a turtle
Hug the monster

These things may not mean much as written, but when you learn the story in the book that goes behind each of these phrases, you will learn why they are so important. This is the type of book that you want to own, so that you can highlight the multiple lessons that are learned.

One day I'll buy it, and I'll reread it with my highlighter.



Before we moved to Oklahoma, we were in the South Jordan 1st ward. Mike served as a priest advisor and I was a miamaid advisor. Yesterday the youth were on there way to trek when tragedy hit them. Here is the article pulled from KSL.

Bus carrying LDS youth to pioneer trek destroyed by fire
By Sarah Dallof

RAWLINS, Wyo. -- A handcart pioneer trek got off to a scary start when a tour bus taking some South Jordan teenagers to the starting location caught fire.

The real challenges for this group of young men and women from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints weren't supposed to start until their bus reached Martin's Cove. Instead, they found themselves with seconds to escape the burning bus.

"Within minutes our bus is engulfed in flames. Within literally 12 minutes the bus was completely burned to the frame." - Jeff Raditz, trek leaderFor many LDS teens, a handcart trek in Martin's Cove is a rite of passage -- a way to honor the pioneer experience. It's an example of faith and endurance.

"A lot of people died there. The people left Winter Quarters too late. They got stuck in the snow. It was 18 degrees below zero [Fahrenheit]," explained Susan Harker.

Harker's two kids, Avrielle and Craig, are on the trek with the young women and men of the South Jordan 1st Ward. The real danger, though, was in getting there and getting out of a bus on fire.

It all started with a flat tire outside Rawlins, Wyo., a couple hours away from Martin's Cove.

Trek leader Jeff Radditz said the entire bus burned in 12 minutes. "Shortly after the first flat tire, we immediately got a second flat tire," said trek leader Jeff Radditz. "They fixed that within a half hour, and another half hour passed. We were on the road, and another tire went flat and caught fire."

Radditz took home video of the bus burning on the side of the interstate. He took a cell phone picture of the end result.

"Within minutes our bus is engulfed in flames," he said. "Within literally 12 minutes the bus was completely burned to the frame."

"My daughter said there were flames coming through the floor of the bus as they were exiting," Harker said.

While the teens lost all of the supplies, some even their shoes in the fire, no one was hurt. The bus company sent a new bus, and the youth group stopped in Rawlins to take a vote on if they should continue. The decision was a unanimous "yes."

"All sorts of bad stuff happens in life, and you can't just lie down and die. You have to keep going. I think this is an important lesson for them," Harker said.

The group says they've been overwhelmed by the generosity of the people who stopped to help them, providing water, blankets and supplies.

They'll be back in Utah Thursday night.

Interesting to note that if we would still have been living in Utah, Mike and I would have been there with those kids. I am so grateful to know that everyone is okay. Its amazing the positive attitude that has come from all those who were there. We are a blessed people.


♥ Summer ♥

I ♥ Summer so much. On Thursday we went to Lagoon with my family because it was stake lagoon day. Mike and I are not much into rides, (the motion sickness just kills me) so we spent most of the day taking my niece around to ride the kiddie rides. We had a great time and I even got a churro! You just have to have a churro when you go to Lagoon.

Saturday we went hiking again. I am falling in love with hiking. It makes you feel so healthy and its so good to be up in the mountains. I'd like to say that I am going to take it up as a hobby, but living in Oklahoma makes that hard. So I guess I will just enjoy it while I am in Utah this summer.

Speaking of, this summer is flying by! Its so sad! Not only is summer the best season of the year and its almost over, but we only have a month left here in Utah. Then back to Oklahoma. No big deal, except I dread having to find another job. Seriously dread it. So much I don't even want to talk about it. Moving on...

Yesterday Mike and I spent the day at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. We had a good time just taking in the small town, slow paced life. Grandma stuffed us full of all kinds of yummy foods including her signature scones and malts. I have yet come across a malt that is as good as Grandma's. And all she puts in it is vanilla ice cream, milk and homemade strawberry jam. But I still can't make it taste like hers.



July 3, 2010. I turn 24 years old! To celebrate I had the whole day planned out. Mike and I and his mom and dad went to an early morning breakfast at Johanna's Kitchen. So delicious. Then we headed to Brighton Ski Resort to do a little hiking. We hiked to three lakes: Lake Mary, Lake Martha and Lake Catherine. I haven't been hiking in years and it was fun to spend some time in the beautiful mountains.  Oklahoma should get some mountains. Its missing out. Plus I found $5 in cash on the hike. Happy Birthday to me!! Then homeward to shower and put on our matching shirts (cuz I love matching Mike and its my birthday so I get to do what I want). Then my folks took us to Costco (cuz its my birthday tradition) to buy some treats and eat some yummy pizza for lunch. Nothing is better than Costco pizza. Then homebound again to get some R&R before the parade with the fam. The parade was, of course, a ton of fun. Then my parents took us out for Mexican. I love Mexican. Mike and I had full intentions of watching fireworks, but we were just wiped out so we decided against it and instead went home and fell asleep on the couch watching a movie. I love birthdays.

On Sunday, we had my birthday dinner at my parents house and it couldn't have been better. Family and food....and Texas Sheet Cake!! And I even got to blow out 24 candles. Everyone kept reminding me that this is the last year that I only have to buy one package of candles. Yeah, yeah, so I am getting kind of old. But I love blowing out candles on my cake. I am childlike, I know.

Yesterday neither of us had work, so it was a pretty chill day. Which sometimes is just what is needed. I had a high school friend get married last night so we spent the evening in Park City, which was beautiful. It was a beautiful wedding and I am very happy for her.