On All Things

My newest goal is to be a bit more attentive to my blog and write about all things in my life and not just foster care.

However, lets start with foster care. We are now back down to just one family member wanting him. Their background checks have to go to a review board because there is a bit of a background on one of the family members, but nothing that should stop them from getting him. It just makes the process take longer, but what's new? Everything makes the process take longer. He'll be gone by the end of February though, because our license expires at the end of February. And yes, we are letting it expire.

Unfortunately, we've learned that foster care just isn't for us. I wish it could have turned out differently, but we can't change how we feel. We're putting becoming parents on hold indefinitely. We just don't really love parenting. A far cry from so badly wanting to be a mom three months after I was married! We feel no rush in needing to become parents and when and if we ever do feel like we'd like to jump on that Mormon bandwagon, we will. If being the key word at this point.

Mike is making a job change. He's currently been working at a small law firm about 20 minutes from home. That firm has been a blessing to us and to him as working as an actual attorney, only having been graduated from law school for a few years, in this market, is very rare. He'll be moving on to the bigger and better as he's accepted an offer for a firm downtown. He'll still be practicing the same type of law. Which is something no one understands or has ever heard of.

I'm still living the dream as I spend my time at the gym, at home and with family and friends. I count my blessings each and every day. And I'm headed to the sunshine in less than a month as my mom and I are going to visit my sister in Phoenix for her birthday. I see poolside lounging in my future.


The Post To Update You On Nothing

I just feel that I say things in posts that make it sound like so much is happening, and then I don't post for a month and you wonder why I'm not posting.

Well because nothing has actually happened. Holidays really slow a process that is already extremely slow. People pretty much stop doing their jobs and caseworkers stop updating you and so I really haven't known a thing until today, after I begged the caseworker to text me back.

We still have the little guy. Some days he is the cutest thing that walked the planet. But most days I am counting down the day until he goes to where he is supposed to be. Not because he's a nightmare (well he kinda is though because toddler...) but because he is not mine. But today I found out that two different relatives want him. But the very best part of the whole thing, is that the caseworker is actually working on getting both of the relatives cleared (background checks and home study)! So that means that if the first in line relative backs out, there is actually a backup plan that won't take weeks to implement! Finally someone with a brain!

And I lied before when I said that that was the best part. No. The very, very, very best part of the whole entire thing is that it's relatives! Which means that for the rest of forever I don't have to have regrets about not adopting him (or about adopting him, whichever). And that no one can think I'm crazy for not adopting him, because I didn't have the choice anyway! Please oh please don't let both of these relatives fall through. Oh and of course, he should be with relatives. Absolutely. Because family. That is also the very, very, very best part.

Did I ever mention how much this kid likes to snuggle? Oh how I will miss that part. Oh and the fact that he's been napping now for 3 hours. A kid that snuggles and naps?! Dreamy!