OH MY GOSH! I loved the Royal Wedding! Was it not absolutely spectacular?! Yep folks, I was up, 3 AM. I blew up the air mattress the night before and slept in my bed for a few hours and then headed out to the living room where I proceeded to watch four and a half hours of wedding coverage (Note: I probably would have watched more, had I not had to go to work.) while snuggled up on the air mattress eating a big bowl of ice cream.  IT WAS FABULOUS. Mike actually did come out and join me at 5 AM for the actual wedding ceremony.

And I loved Catherine's (she is a princess, so I feel like I need to call her by her full name) dress. But I'm not going to lie, I loved Pippa's (her sister and Maid of Honor) dress quite possibly just as much, if not more. Oh, and their mother? Her dress was so pretty too. It was perfect!
I was so happy that I woke up and watched it. It was totally worth losing sleep over. And I really had so much fun watching it. I don't really know how you can call watching TV "fun", but it really was! I wish there was a Royal Wedding every day! I'm really kinda sad that it is over....



I woke up last night, not gonna lie, a little terrified. I had a dream I was in the middle of a tornado. Not the most fun dream I have ever had. It was strange too because I was running out of a building, to my car, for some reason thinking that my car was more safe than a building. And I remember running against the tornadic winds (yes, tornadic is a word), and thinking that I would never reach my car. And then as soon as I got to my car, I realized that that was probably the most unsafe place for me to be, but it was so difficult to get there, that I didn't think that I would be able to make it back to the building in time. So I laid down on the seat in my car as the windows all broke in around me. And then I woke up. And it was thundering outside (yes, thundering is also a word). Which made my dream all the more scary.

And then I started thinking about the Royal Wedding. Yep. Random. Because at 3 AM on Friday morning, I will be sitting on my couch eating snacks and wearing a tiara (even if it does say St. Patrick's Day on it...). ALL BY MYSELF. I did invite Mike to join me, I even told him he could wear a tiara too. But its the same answer as always...."It's finals, and that would screw up my whole studying schedule." But this is something I think that I would rather do on my own. No lame commentary from a man who would criticize more then compliment. I have even tried to convince myself that its totally lame and that I should just stay in bed since I do have to work the next day. But I decided that even if I make the decision to not watch it, my internal alarm clock will go off at approximately 2:45, telling me that the Royal Wedding is about to start. And then I would just be laying in bed awake thinking about it anyway, unable to fall back asleep. So at that point, why not just get up and actually enjoy it. Anybody else as into this as me? I look forward to watching the Today Show every morning as I get ready and ABC World News every evening while I run, just to see what new details they have about the wedding, which is mostly all just speculation. Either way, I can't hear about it enough. Which is very surprising. Normally, I can't stand when they talk about the same story over and over again.Maybe its just because this is a happy story. Or maybe its because I think being a Princess would be pretty nice. (I know, I know, as women, we are all Princesses.....but let's be honest......we really aren't.) (Sarah, I can't help but think this is something we totally would have done together back in the day!)

And I have already told Mike I want a Princess Kate/Princess Di ring. Gorgeous.

Oh and we should all start using the words lovely and dreadful. Because that's what British people say. And because they are just super awesome words.




Ever seen clouds that like this?? Yeah, we hadn't either until yesterday. Oklahoma has been bringing some pretty crazy storms lately. Thank goodness the hail and tornadoes continue to miss us, even if just by a county or two like last night. Instead we just got these clouds and probably 60 seconds worth of rain.


Baby Showering

Saturday was a fun-filled day of baby showering, girlfriend chattering, and yummy treats! My friend Kelsi (the blonde in the picture below) and I threw a baby shower for our friend Shelly (the other pregnant chica in the pictures below). Just to clear all questions, NO, I am not pregnant! The side shot was purely for some kicks and giggles. And I was really trying to push my belly out! Didn't really work....

Anyway, Shelly's baby girl isn't due until July, but Kelsi is having her baby boy next week (I know, she is pretty much super woman throwing a baby shower ONE week before she has her own baby!) and with me leaving town in May, we had to throw the baby shower pretty early.

Thanks for such a fun filled day, Ladies! (There is a picture of the 3 of us together on someone's camera, so if you have that, please email it to me!)


White Shirt Fall Down

I worked my butt off all week so that I could take a half day off on Friday. We started our super fun filled weekend stopping by the Norman Renaissance Fair. We wandered and ate and wandered. I don't really know what the appeal is for us since we don't really do much there. It could be the people watching. A lot of people dress up all crazy and let it all hang out....sometimes literally.
Then we made our way to Dallas where we met Mike's brother and his family for the weekend. This is our 3rd General Conference in a row that we pack up and head to Dallas to hang out with them. It's an official tradition! We shopped and ate and shopped and ate, but most importantly, we went to our very first Rangers game! It was very important to me that we find Rangers t-shirts to wear to the Rangers game, so we searched and searched for some cheap t-shirts and we found them. And now I am obsessed.

The kids were as crazy and super cute as always, and we really enjoy getting to see them a couple times a year! And just look at this face! I took four different pictures and each of them produced a different cheesy smile.

Oh I love these kiddos.

It's getting really hot here now. Yesterday my car said it was 93 degrees outside! This is when I love living in Oklahoma. Because there is 8 inches of snow on my parents deck right now. Yuck. Things better clear up though. Because I'm coming!

41 days 'til Utah!

Real post to come, but for now, don't you love my new shirt?!