I Leave You This Week With One Of My Favorite Views Of The City.

High rise window washers.

So they use these suction cup things to stay steady as they dangle hundreds of feet in the air.
These suction cups make a loud slapping noise when they hit your window.
Scares me every.single.time.
Those window washers come out of nowhere, and then they are gone as quickly as they came.
And have you ever actually seen them wash a window from the inside?
Professional squeegee handlers, I tell you.
It's pretty much an art.

Have a great weekend.


Today We Get To Celebrate A Birthday

There you are. Stealing your cousins snow cone.
All while he innocently poses for a picture.
Things have surely changed since then.
20ish years later and now I'm the one stealing food from you.
So glad you were born those 28 years ago.
And not just so I could steal your food.
You are my best friend.
And I love you to the moon and back and more.
Happy birthday!
Now let's celebrate!


I Hang Out With YouTube Sometimes On The Weekend

So Miley Cyrus. I know right? VMA's and all that drama. But once upon a time, very recently, Miley released a song called Wrecking Ball. Which I hadn't heard. All people talk about is her racy music video (which I haven't seen) and not the actual song itself. But then something beautiful happened. A cover was born. You guys, there is something about a guy and a banjo. I've already told Mike that this will be his new hobby. And we all know me, addict of small YouTube stars and covers alike. So watch. And then watch again and dance.

Oh and if you haven't seen this, you better jump on that hilarious bandwagon. And then go watch the clip of Ellen doing it. I die every time.


The Actually Busy, But Not So Busy, Month of September

These past two weeks have been seemingly crazy around our house. I'm not quite sure what it is that we are so busy doing, but hence, the time goes by and its another day in the life. I decided that the best that I could come up with was to document the house, as it were, in the midst of it all.

And then I realized as I was uploading these photos that it sure makes us look like we were doing a whole lot of nothing. Putting our feet up and watching a movie? Okay, so these pictures may not be the greatest of representations of our busy couple of weeks.

 At Mike's request, German Chocolate Brownies. That pan is disappearing faster than my hips would like.

So we don't have an ottoman. And yes, those are Christmas pillow cases....
 What the armrest next to me looks like while my feet are propped so nicely on my 'ottoman'.
 I love how the sun comes into my house in the late afternoon. Not looking forward to the end of Daylight Savings.
And I love the fields that I get to see when I look out my window.
 I couldn't really watch too much of this movie. Made me a bit too anxious. Hence, all the gear on the armrest to keep me busy.

Well. I wish I could say that things are slowing down, but I think it will be October before we get there. Hopefully this fall weather will stick around so I can actually enjoy some of it.


A Little Chill In The Air

Which led to me listening to my first Christmas song of 2013. Mike tells me that's not good. But it is. It is very very good.



Quote From The Weekend

During our walk to the library.

Mike: Did you know that if we could figure out how to harvest the inside of a tumbleweed, it could be used as packing peanuts?

So glad I married someone who keeps me guessing on what he’ll say next.


And for Labor Day?

I have to say it was pure happiness. I spent the entire day with husband, shopping and eating and erranding. We returned a lease, so now we get the adventure of playing marriage and life with only one car. Luckily we pretty much go everywhere together, including carpooling to work, so having one car should be smooth sailing. We just can't decided what we want! Four wheel drive. But that's about as far as we have taken it. We figure we'll just save ourselves a bit of money while we don't need a car and when an instance comes along where we need two cars, we'll get that second car. As soon as we figure out what car that is. Ah. I hate car shopping. What a crummy way to have to spend a beautiful autumn weekend. I'm gonna put it off until the snow hits.
Oh and somehow we made our way to the Herriman Reservoir. Along with the rest of the southern Salt Lake County population. Now Mike wants to learn how to paddle board. Yeah lets just add that to the golfing that we were supposed to be taking up this summer...