And the winner is...

Well, for all of you who have been so kindly tracking our law school application journey for the past few months, you will be happy to know that we have finally made our decision!
Mike will be attending the
this fall for law school!
It was a very hard decision, but all-in-all, Oklahoma had the most advantages and the least disadvantages! Mike is very, very excited and I am pretty excited myself. I mean, I never really thought of Oklahoma as somewhere I would EVER want to live, but it'll be home for three years, and thats what matters. We will miss all our family and friends but we would absolutely love for you to come visit, and we will be back. We love Utah! And don't worry, we still have four months until we leave. We homemade our first Oklahoma Sooner
t-shirts to make the announcement to our families!
Sooner Nation!

Spring Break 09!

For Spring break this year, Mike and I and his brother and his girlfriend (now fiance) took a road trip. We were driving up through Spokane so that Mike and I could check out Gonzaga Law School and then we were driving over to Seattle so that his brother could check out a school there. The road trip was long but when we actually got to Seattle there was so much to do!
We went to Pike's Public Market and saw them throw the fish!
We rode the ferry across Puget Sound!
We went to the Seattle Aquarium!

We walked the Piers!
We went on a tour of Seattle Underground and then afterward
we spent $130 on dinner at the top of the Space Needle!
(Amazing Prime Rib!!)
Needless to say, we had a great time in Seattle and congratulations goes out to Mike's brother and his GF for getting engaged on the beach in Seattle!


To come...

Don't worry everyone, the law school decision is in the works, and will be coming very soon. Oh the mystery! And when I find a moment to stop studying, I will update our Spring Break fun too!!


Letter #7 and #8

We got two more letters last week for law school! And of course, these two were just as exciting as the others! The first one that we received offered Mike admissions to the
University of Oklahoma!
The school is located in Norman, OK, which is right outside of Oklahoma City. He was offered a $7,000 scholarship to go there. And of course, Mike is just loving the idea of going to all the football and basketball games!

The other school that Mike got offered admissions to was, of course, the
University of Utah!
We have to admit, it doesn't really sound that exciting, because it isn't really that exciting since that is where we have been at school all along. But, its still an option and would make everything really easy. But still, kind of boring.