Happy Happy Graduation!

Well it is official, after finally receiving my final grade yesterday, I have officially passed all of my classes which means I am now, officially (my new favorite word if you can't tell) a college graduate! And I couldn't be happier! School was just great while I was there but definitely something that I do not want to relive. Sometimes I do think maybe I should go back and get my Master's because a Master's in Accounting is usually only a year, and really, a year isn't that long, and then I quickly remember how much I dislike school. Plus Mike and I decided that I am a much easier person to be around when I am not stressed about school. So for now, my Bachelor's degree is enough for me. Mike was able to walk in the graduation ceremony even though he technically has one more semester left. He will be finishing up his degree in Political Science at the end of the summer and then on to law school! So thank you to everyone who encouraged me along my road of education, mostly my parents, my in-laws and Mike. I love you all and even though I don't feel any smarter than I was before I started, now I have that little piece of paper that is supposed to get me a good job, which apparently, is what matters.