Thoughts on this here Eve

I'm ringing in the New Year with Chinese food and procrastination.

Eventually I'll write about the

princess bridal shower that we threw my sister, or

Christmas, or

my baby sisters wedding, or

our resolutions, or

how I'm glad 2012 is over.

Or maybe not.



Merry Christmas Eve...eve....!



December Things

Three days ago, I wrote the largest check of my personal life. Finally. A construction deposit. Projected date of a nice big hole in the ground to represent the beginnings of our new home…mid-January.
And we’re getting a fireplace. Yes, we made that jump, and I am so excited. Red brick. To the ceiling. Fireplace sitting is my happy place.
This is the current song on replay. If you hate Christmas music, this song is for you. If you love Christmas music, this song is for you. I love Christmas. I love Christmas music.

Pandora’s Christmas stations plays at a constant at work. And without even looking, I can tell you when a song from The Christmas Box album is on. You know how I know? Mike and I listened to it over and over and over again while we were dating. Those songs hold such fond memories. A December night wrapped up in a blanket while talking to my favorite person in the world is only complete if done while listening to The Christmas Box.

My baby sister’s wedding is a mere week away. Can I just give that sweet little girl a hug and never let her grow up? Speaking of never growing up, I think now would be a good time to go to Neverland.
Shout out to my folks, that are celebrating their anniversary today. I wish I could say I knew exactly the number of years....but congrats on 30 something years you two love birds!
Do you ever say something out loud before you think about what you are saying? Gosh, I hate that. I think I’m the queen of it.
Sorry guys, I just don’t have much to say these days. However, I do much better on Instagram. @abbys14.



We had date night smack in the middle of the week. It was a Tuesday night and we were feeling particularly exciting, so we went and saw a movie. On a Tuesday. It was crazy! {The other 6 people in the theater must have been feeling as adventurous as we were.} We'd never seen a movie in 3D, so we decided hey, why not, because apparently we felt like spending the extra cash? We decided that Life of Pi was calling our name. Have you seen this movie? I tell you what, it blew my mind. This show is chock-full of inspiration. I'm not quite sure Mike picked up on it, but I walked out feeling uplifted and motivated. I hate to admit it but I learned more about God and faith and perspective than I sometimes do in my Sunday meetings. The graphics were beautiful, which only helps to tell the story of this young man and a tiger, stuck on a life boat in the middle of the ocean. If I could recommend a movie, this would be it. That is, of course, until Les Miserables hits the theater.


Month of Thankfulness

The last day of November is prompting me to be thankful, being this is the month of thanks and all.

I'm thankful to be blessed enough to build a house. What a grown up accomplishment.

I'm thankful for clean dishes.

I'm thankful that Mike is a sports fan, so I don't have to pick the teams, I just pick his. Go Thunder?

I'm thankful for only a 3% tax on food in Utah.

I'm thankful for Christmas lights/trees/candles.

I'm thankful for the $15 worth of JCPenney gift certificates that I won.

I'm thankful that after 19 years, my parents finally finished their basement. And oh, was it worth the wait. Gorgeous.

I'm thankful for teapots.

I'm thankful for my commute that gives me time to read the scriptures.

I'm thankful for my four beautiful sisters.
I'm not thankful that two {TWO!} of them are moving out of state at the end of December.
But I am thankful that they are following their dreams!

I'm thankful for the suddenly rare desire to blog. Documenting my really busy, boring life is so unappealing...except when its not.

I'm thankful for The Family Stone. Let's just vote Ben off the island.

I'm thankful for this scene at Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone had a great month of thankfulness. On to the next.



It's weird. Being back in Utah. Which is weird. Because I spent my whole life here until 2009. And then we moved on. And we built a life. Far away from everything and everyone we knew and loved. And it was hard. We had our downs. But then things went up. And kept going up. And I had an awesome job, and the perfect house and great friends. And we all know, that just when things start to get good. They change. And we moved. Spent 3 months in Washington D.C. Which was just a really long, humid vacation for me.

Now we are in Utah. We've been back for 3 months, and it's weird. Things are slowly getting normal again. But things are still out of sorts. My gym attendance is spotty and making dinner has become less frequent. It's November 18th and my Christmas tree isn't even up. This is so not me. All I know, is I get up and go to work every day. And then I come home. Most of the time feeling highly unaccomplished.

Is it weird that I was alone in the elevator the other day at work and thought...Please get stuck, please get stuck, please get stuck. Just for a few hours. How awkward of a thought to have. Mike says I'm weird. But sometimes being stuck in an elevator alone for a little while is better than the real life monotony waiting for you when you get off.

Looking for a home has made things just crazy. You never know from day to day when you will be spending your evenings walking through homes that "have potential". Homes come on the market and then disappear just as quickly. Most end up going to investors. Everything is a short sale. And its just plain hard.

So yesterday, we decided to build.
We signed some paperwork, handed over some money and tomorrow we get the final okay from the builder.

So many thoughts continue to go through my head as we have made this decision. But all I know is, when I woke up this morning, I still felt good about it.

How do you know when you finally found the place that you want to live? How do you know when you have found the ward and the stake that the Lord wants you in? Well we don't know. But what we do know, is we have been trying to find a home without success. And we're tired. So we're doing this. And we are excited to finally have a plan. Finally be able to (in 5-6 months) have some semblance of a normal life again.

And slowly be able to once again feel like Utah is home.


To Good To Be True

The house we put an offer on over the weekend.
You know, the perfect one in the perfect location with the perfect price?

It ended up being a meth house.

House shopping is the worst.
Oh and stupid Utahn's that think meth is awesome. Yousuck.

And I put on my gym clothes and got distracted with blogging instead.
Not only do I have nothing to say other than I hate you stupid meth people, but I get to feel guilty for telling the world about it because eventually I'm going to have to walk back to my bedroom and put on my real clothes again.

And fold my nice clean gym clothes up and put them back in the drawer.

It happens.


My Life Lately

via Instagram
first snow day
holy Snack Heaven 
 waiting for the train, briefcase in tow
 learning how to play POGS
 my bedtime the night after the half marathon
my meal the night after the half marathon
view from the 23rd floor 
best part of carving pumpkins


Post 13.1

We finished! 2:21:46. And I can honestly say that I never really thought I was going to run it. But I did. We did. Mike was by my side the whole time. Love him. Have I suddenly become a race junkie? Ask me on a day that my hips aren't screaming at me.
And we had an awesome support team that cheered us on throughout the course. Thank you guys, you rock!



This is the mix I will be listening to tomorrow while I run my first ever half marathon. I guess I'm hoping the inspirational words are going to will my knees to keep going? (Mix downloaded from rockmyrun.com) Anyway, I'm super pumped. So pumped I barely slept last night, which means tonight is going to be completely restless. I'll be lucky to have Mike right by my side, because why would he need to run fast when he could run with me and enjoy the journey. Thank you, President Uchtdorf. Mike's sister will be running with us too, which makes this full on family fun! If you call running fun.


An Attorney.

All he had to do was sign the rolls....
{oh and go to law school and study and pass the bar}
And he became an Attorney.
Amazing, he is.


A New Set of Knees If You Please

Yesterday I ran 10.19 miles {every inch counts} with my best friend. Which is Mike if you were confused. That is the farthest I have ever run. And it was wonderful. Oh so mentally proud. And oh so physically drained. And sore. So if you feel like you want to donate a new set of hips and knees and the arch from your right foot, me and my half marathon will be more than willing to accept.
But just look at that sunrise shining off the temple. Quite the run.

Yesterday, they changed the missionary age for missionaries in my church. Young men can now leave when they are 18. What a piece of history this is! Yesterday I asked my 15 year old brother what he thought of the announcement. He is so excited! My poor parents on the other hand. When boys leave on their missions, they come home as grown men. All mature and stuff. Which means my parents just lost an entire year of my baby brothers childhood. My dad was putting up baseboards yesterday and was so upset about the announcement, he cut them wrong. Had to replace every last one of them. Grateful he's making good choices, just hard to see the baby grow up.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies taste like fall. I would know. I think I've had like 12 today.

Mike got his diploma.


Six Things. To Be Exact.

Being sick is a gosh, darn shame. They stuff you so full of immunizations that you think it would take something equal to the plague to infect you. But then they throw you in a miniature cubicle with a sickly and no wonder. Yep. No wonder. By the way, I'm immune to NyQuil. Which is another gosh, darn shame.

I found Downton Abbey season three online! Waiting for the Sir to get home from his run so we can watch episode one. Season Three! And no, I didn't go for a run. Currently, breathing while sitting is enough of a task.

Speaking of, Mike is grocery shopping during his run. That man took a backpack and is picking up a few things. If I didn't marry the greatest man in the world, then that man doesn't exist.

Fighting through the depression of once again being employed is quite the task. All household chores have fallen to the wayside. Wait...I did clean the toilet yesterday. Point for me. My laziness seems to have gotten the best of me. Pathetic. However, I have yet to run out of clean underwear. Thanks to my always energetic husband. Let's just say he's making up for the chores he missed while he was in school. And then my groove will come back and all will be well again.

Hummus is awesome. Long live The Beatles. Peace.


Sometimes Covers Are Better Than Originals

This is one of those times.

(Well minus the fact that he doesn't have a full choir supporting him...but I guess I'll cut him some slack.)

I love this song.

Call it the FridayFreeForAll on Saturday.

Happy Ending
Mika (cover by Daniel Schwartzberg)


Cinnamon Rolls and Such

Today, an old lady asked me where I got my shirt and I lied and told her I couldn't remember because I got it at Forever 21.

This household is now fully employed. Mike got himself a job as a real life attorney. And the fun begins.

Yesterday we celebrated the birth of Mike. 27 years old, he is. And just as cute as ever.
And that right there is a white chocolate, funfetti cinnamon roll made by yours truly for the birthday bash. In the beginning, it was touch and go, but they turned out pretty tasty.

This past weekend we added to our little family. 2012 Honda Civic.

Sean is the next bachelor. I told Mike I needed to get my audition tape ready. Umm....
Jokes, people. Jokes.

In the middle of season 2 of Lost. How did we miss this bandwagon when it was on TV? But I tell ya, not having to wait for the commercials or the next season to come around is pretty awesome. It's a borderline addiction.

Still trying to talk myself into the half marathon I've been training for. Blah. Blah. Blah. I'd rather eat cinnamon rolls and watch Lost.

Hate this blogger layout.


This is Love, My Friends

We have a gnome. He is pretty awesome.
Sometimes he receives the blame when things go missing.
Sometimes he is the cause of a mysterious mess.
In this case, he helped Mike deliver a love note to me when I got home today.
Aren't we strangely adorable?
I think so.


Guess what...

Mike passed....
 the Bar!!!
Outside of our wedding day, this could possibly be the best day of our lives.


A Picture and Some Slightly Related Words

I've decided that partaking of the finer things in life means I need to remain unemployed. That seems an oxymoron however, isn't that what husbands are for is to bring home the bacon, amongst other things. And please make it turkey bacon, if you please. For example, take going to Swiss Days with my mother and sisters. On a Friday morning. I can tell you that employment would have made that little girls date rather hard to attend. Plus that scone. Oh the scones. I thought I died and went to a gooey, deep-fried heaven.

However all good bouts of unemployment come to an end, and I guess its rather fitting that my summer in the sun concludes right along with summer. Monday morning I head back to the corporate world. Yes, I scored myself not one, but two job offers all within an hour of each another. Tough decisions and all. But in five short days I will find myself amongst Utah's largest concrete jungle, in a high rise none the less. I feel I've hit the big time. However, I think my pajamas are going to get lonely come Monday.


What I'm Super Pumped For: {Downton Abbey Trailers}

Today just got awesome.
Downtown Abbey season 3 trailers.

What Consumes Me: {My Thoughts On Job Interviews}

If there was a job for going to job interviews, I would have that job. And since when did the world change into phone interviews, then first interviews, followed by second interviews. Gosh people, just make a decision already.

I talk as if I'm dying to get back to the job field, unfortunately I've gotten quite used to my unemployment and am rather enjoying this freedom. I did have an interviewer remark that being unemployed during the summer is definitely the way to go. And I couldn't agree more. In the winter I would be stuck home in my pj's because I'd be to scared to drive anywhere. But suddenly being stuck home doesn't sound too horrible in comparison to being forced to brave the weather because of a gosh, darn job. Plus you have to wear real clothes when you work. And that's just yucky.

So back to interviews. The accounting profession has suddenly hopped on this trend of testing their candidates. Like debits and credits, do this journal entry, and build this income statement from scratch. Who does that anymore? Everyone who is anyone knows that income statements are built from fancy formulas that the manager created. I thought I might have died during my first interview test last week. My palms were all sweaty, my heart was pounding just like the old college days. Except back in the college days I had a book that I had studied out of to prepare for the test. Degree or no degree, if you don't do something on a regular basis, chances are several years later you are not going to remember the answers for the test in a job interview. I found myself coming home and googling the questions just to be sure I had put the correct answer.

So getting a job is stressful.

And I've definitely decided that working is probably better than interviewing. And dear Heavenly Father, if you give me a job, I will never ever ask for another job again.

Because, freak, I hate interviews.


If You Really Knew Me: {2nd Edition}

You would know that I am anti-feminist.

You would know that I am a pretty good shot. {Or at least I used to be...it's been a while}

You would know that I have to have a blanket over my ear to fall asleep.

You would know that it annoys me when people try to sympathize with me. I would so much rather someone say, "you know, that really does suck" than "oh, i'm so sorry, things will work out".

You would know that bathroom rugs gross me out.

You would know that I am an expert sudoku player.

You would know that I love being called by my nickname, Abs. However, my Mom calls me Abby Dabby Doo, and my Grandma calls me Abby Baby, both of which I also love.

You would know that I have three {three!} job interviews this week. Here's to hoping.

Happy Labor Day!


For Sale!

Hello friends.

Ever make a purchase that you think you are head-over-heels about and then a month later you find {and purchase} nearly the same thing that is half the price and looks even better on you?


Well that just happened.

So to make up for it I'm selling this hat. It's about a month old and I've worn it once.
It is ivory straw with a black ribbon. And the quality is pretty freaking awesome.
I wish I could say I could just return it, however it was purchased at the airport.
The price is 100% negotiable. You make me an offer!
Just email me at apete14{at}hotmail{dot}com!


What Our Last Few Days Were Like: {D.C.}

Our last few days in D.C. were spent checking off all the things that we hadn't done {and even a few that we had} from our tourist to-do list.

Ford's Theatre {where Lincoln was shot}
The house where Lincoln died {that right there is the bed that he died in. couldn't decide if we should smile in this picture or not. but we went for it.}
Mount Vernon
Library of Congress
Vietnam Memorial 
World War II Memorial
It was the chance of a lifetime to be able to go to Washington D.C. for the Summer. I am so proud of my husband and how hard he worked to be able to have an opportunity to do something like this. It was so fun to be able to have enough time to see all the sites that Washington D.C. has to offer.
I am also very glad to be out of that city. I am grateful to be able to go out past dark. I am grateful to be out of the humidity. And to have not just my entire wardrobe back, but actually be able to wear my entire wardrobe! That darn D.C. forced me to wear skirts, boy shorts, and light colored shirts every.single.day. I am glad to have a car. And I'm very much glad to not live in a city.
It's always good to have opportunities like this...now I'll never wonder if maybe the city life is the life for me. Now I know I am as suburb as they come.


What I Need to Clear Up: {Mormon's and Caffeine}

So did anyone else watch Rock Center with Brian Williams last night on NBC? They did a special called Mormon's in America.

Being a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I am always interested to watch what the national news has to say about us. There were some parts that I thought were done extremely well. And I was proud in the way they represented the church in which I belong to.
Unfortunately, there are always some ways in which the church is misunderstood. And because of some questions and comments we received while living in Oklahoma, I feel the need to address a particular comment made on the show.

They were interviewing a woman that was a member of the church. She is a regular church goer, raising her family in the gospel, morning scripture study.....and all that jazz.

She said that Mormon's don't drink caffeine.

This is completely untrue.

There are some Mormon's that don't. But there are plenty that do. And maybe I feel strongly to write about this because I am an avid Diet Coke drinker, or maybe its just that I want to clear up a piece of my religion.

Never once, to my knowledge, has a prominent leader in the Mormon church ever said that we cannot drink caffeine. I do understand that some people connect not drinking caffeine to not drinking coffee. Yes, we do not drink coffee. Which we have been directly told not to do.

When we lived in Oklahoma, we got quite a few questions about caffeine and whether or not we were allowed to drink it. There were a few of Mormon's in Mike's law school class, one of which drank caffeine on a regular basis. There were several people that asked Mike about it and why he was drinking caffeine. Mike had to clear up that we can drink caffeine, it's the addiction to caffeine that would be the sin.

Drinking caffeine is fine. But if you are addicted to it, that is where the problem lies. Obviously. But, Church leaders have left the decision of drinking caffeine up to the members.

And the day that one of our General Authorities came out and said that we can no longer drink caffeine, is the day that I'll stop. But for now, I have never been told I can't, and as long as I steer clear of addiction, I am okay drinking caffeine. Some people may frown on it, like the woman on the show this evening, but that is her representation, and is in no way church doctrine.


What Pictures Look Like: {With a 2 Year Old}

Taking pictures with a 2 year old can be difficult. Especially when waiting in the line at Ford's Theatre. Outside. In the heat.
He loves to say "cheese" but has no desire to look at the camera while saying it. I'm just gonna throw it out there, he gets his stubborness from his mama. It's our family trait.
But don't fret, as soon as no one is watching, that kid will throw in the towel. Yep, he's on board, you just have to give it some time.
Unfortunately for my sister and I, a little bit of time for him is just a little bit too much time for us. Yawn.


What Those Monuments Are About: {A Picture}

A picture is all I can muster. I have no time to blog. And when I do, I have no energy.
This is a picture taken at the FDR monument in D.C.
My favorite of all the monuments.
Today, a picture is all that's needed.


What We're Getting: {Visitors!}

My sister, her husband, and their sweet boy are on a plane rightthissecond to Washington D.C.
Yep, we are getting our first and last visitors we'll get while we are here!
And we are so excited!
By way of information, Mike finishes up his clerkship this week and then we're headed back to Utah....for good! Well we hope so anyway. We haven't quite figured out what the plan is once we get there. But I guess that's just another part of our adventure.


How I Exercise: {Run}

Today I went for a run. Many would say this is insignificant. I work out regularly. How is this any different?
It is different. This was my first real run in four months. Yes, you read that correctly. I have done several short 15 minute runs. Several long walkruns with the emphasis on the walk portion.
But today. I ran. In Washington D.C. All by myself. Over the brick laid sidewalks. Through the brownstone neighborhoods. I ran to Mike's work. And I waved to him through his fourth floor window and blew him a kiss. And then I kept running, through the tourist congested sidewalks. Past the man that sits outside on his bench and everyday says as you pass "have a great day" without making eye contact making you wonder if he was talking to you or the person in his head. Because talking to yourself is just that common here. I ran past the cafe that Mike and I are convinced you must be member of the hipster club to enter. Sitting outside sipping their cappuccino's reading the latest and greatest novel or looking busy on their Apple device. Come on, who wears scarves when its 100 degrees outside?
Speaking of hipsters.
No I did not take this picture. Saw it on Pinterest. Super funny borderline inappropriate. I accept that.

But after all my mockery, I still love that little cafe on the corner. I would never go inside. But I enjoy walking past it. Or in today's case, running. 

I wish I could say I banked a six or seven miler the way I could four months ago. 
But that is the unfortunate thing about running. Taking a hiatus only means losing everything that you have worked for. All that endurance and strength. I had my reasons for taking those four months off. And I'm glad I did. 
Who would have ever thought that I would be a runner? In high school I was on the lacrosse team. I joined because my best friend joined. And then she ended up getting injured for two straight seasons. So I spent much of the time making new friends. But what lacrosse actually brought me was the mental strength and power that I needed to be fit. And I will be the first to tell you that I spent most of my time on the sidelines, cheering on the starters. The girls who played lacrosse as a side sport to running track and cross country. And at the time, it was frustrating. But I look back and think, who really cares? They were better and faster. They should be the ones on the field. I didn't need to be a starter to still be a part of the team. The value came from the exercise. And it transformed me. 30 pounds melted away and I've been a runner {on and off} ever since. One day my knees and low-arched feet are going to throw in the towel and tell me no more. But I'm going to keep going until I reach that point. Because even though running is hard, it makes me feel oh so good. 


What I Am 100% Confident the Castle in the Clouds Looks Like: {DC Temple}

I can't even explain to you the beauty of the Washington D.C. Temple. As soon as we rounded the corner, it's beauty took my breath away. And then I mumbled something about it not even looking real. Because it doesn't. {I wish pictures could do it justice, but really, they just don't}
If you would have told me I was in heaven, I would have believed it. The spirit there is incredible. As it is at all LDS temples. But there is something different about being on the grounds of one that is so breathtakingly beautiful.
Hands down would have been married there if I would have lived on the East coast. Oh the wedding photos....
And then we kissed in front of the temple. 
It must of been the jealousy of the brides and grooms having their pictures done or something.


What Today Is: {FridayFreeForAll - A Little Inspiration For Us Regular People}

Happy Friday friends!
Have you seen this commercial yet?

Thank you Nike, for finally showing the world that not all of us are Olympic athletes and we're just trying to take it day by day.

I love this so so much.


If You Really Knew Me: {1st Edition}

You would know that I love to read. But I don't get to do it very often. Not too mention it usually puts me to sleep.

You would know that Diet Coke is a daily ritual for me. And you would know that I am ashamed of it.

You would know that my sole purpose of exercise is so that I can eat good food. Yes, the sole purpose.

You would know that I have an obsession with sweats. I can rarely make it the entire day in real clothes.

You would know that I was overweight in my early teenage years. It was an extremely difficult on me. My friends became insulting and rude and the summer before high school I lost all but one of my friends. Starting high school with no friends sucked.

You would know that I shy away from social situations. You would know that I never go to "girls night" and that if I am around friends, I prefer it to be just the two of us. I have not always been this way. But girls are too dramatic and it stresses me out.

You would know that I love to sing.

You would know that I would rather hang out with Mike than anyone in the world. Every.single.time.


What I Am Up To: {My Ploy to Not Get a Dog}

At some point in running my mouth, Mike claims that I told him that we could get a dog once we bought a house.

I have NO recollection of saying this.

But he continues to push and we continue to get closer and closer to finally being able to stay in one place long enough to settle down.

But how do I know that I wouldn't end up being the one that has to take care of this dog? I mean, isn't that what always happens?

So I've told Mike he has to prove it to me.

A dog lives 12+ years.
And every day, you have to pet that dog. Scratch that dogs head. Every day.

So if I can get Mike to play with my hair and scratch my head nearly every day for 12 years, he can get a dog.

I wish I could say that I really just wanted to make sure Mike would take care of this dog, but really it's my ploy to get Mike to play with my hair but in the end, still not have to get a dog.

Day 1


What We Did: {The Most Important Parts}

This weekend...

We drank ginger ale on an airplane.

We ate 25 chocolate chip cookies in less than 24 hours.

We got told we were a "cute couple" by a lady yelling out her car window while we walked home from church.

We convinced my sister that she and her family should hurry and take a trip to DC while we are still here. And it worked! They come out on the 8th.

We watched and watched and watched the Olympics.

We stayed in bed until 10 AM.

This week...

Mike took the bar.

The rest is moot.



What Our 24th of July Looked Like: {Outside of the Bar Exam}

So yesterday was the 24th of July, which means celebration here in Utah. Thank goodness for those Pioneers coming here so long ago and settling this beautiful valley. But the 24th of July also marked day 1 of the bar exam for Mike. Whoa man.

The best I could get out of him was, "Well it's exactly what I thought it was going to be". So I guess that means he was prepared, right? Currently, he is finishing up with day 2 of the bar exam. Which also happens to be the final day of the bar exam. I cannot believe that this day is finally here. I say that outside of our wedding anniversaries, this could possibly be one of the best reasons for celebrating so far in our marriage. We are celebrating with pizza buffet. I know, isn't that just so us?

Anyway. Back to yesterday. The 24th of July Utah holiday also coincides with Mike's nieces birthday. Double whammy. Which meant a backyard roast and fireworks! {And some nice evening relaxation for the bar exam taker.}

Oh Summer, I love you.



What Today Is: {Friday! and FridayFreeForAll}

Well gosh. It's finally Friday. {10 points if your now singing "Finally Friday" by George Jones. If you're not, well you will be.}
I spent the entire day yesterday moving boxes out of our storage unit into my inlaws basement. Currently the story of my life.

Every part of my body is sore. I think I went up and down those stairs approximately 4,000 times. And only about a third of my storage unit is cleaned out. But we'll get there. Yes, we certainly will.

Between that and Grandma's and Grandpa's house at the beginning of the week,

lunch dates with dear friends,

....oh and Mike finally joining me in Utah.....I've been crazy busy.

Oh and this stupid sudoku that I'm determined to finish. It's gonna happen.

So now, as promised, I leave you with today's FridayFreeForAll.

Finally Friday
George Jones