Panama, Here We Come!

Completely unplanned but couldn't have come at a more perfect time.....Mike and I are headed to Panama on August 6th! They are dedicating the Panama City, Panama temple on August 10th and so Mike and I are going to go down there for that and to do a little vacationing! (For all who don't know, that is where Mike went on his mission!) I am so excited for it! Amazingly enough, we were both able to fit it right into our schedules, plus its right after Summer semester ends and before Fall semester starts! We are hoping to spend a couple of days on the amazing islands just North of Panama and then head to Panama City and do some touring! I will for sure be posting some pictures when we get back though! I plan on taking somewhere close to a million of them!


Birthday Fun and Fourth of July!

So my birthday was last week, and I decided that on my birthday I wanted to go to Lagoon. I don't know why I wanted to go, because I always get motion sickness, but it just sounded like fun. So Mike and I, and my sister and her husband, grabbed the Dramamine and went up to Lagoon. We spent the first few hours swimming at Lagoon-A-Beach, which was really pretty fun. It was nice and hot outside so the water felt great. Then we changed clothes and hit the park. I was very aware of the fact that I might get sick, so I tried to only go on the rides that I thought my stomach could handle. I knew that the water rides would be easy for me, but of course, Rattlesnake Rapids was closed for an hour or so, so we had to go on the Log Flume. Which is all fine and great except for everyone else that was going to go on Rattlesnake Rapids, decided to kill time by going on the Log Flume. We waited in line for ever. A little kid that was standing on the railing thing slipped and kicked me in the back while we were waiting in line. That was pretty funny. Any way, we did end up going on Rattlesnake Rapids, which soaked us! And it felt good. We went on a couple more rides, watched the always amazing Broadway Show, and then went on the White Rollercoaster. And that is the ride that did me in. I was pretty sick after that ride I didn't even want to walk. Stupid Dramamine. FYI: It doesn't work. So then we just sorta walked, and sat, and walked, and then we played some games. Luckily when I got sick it was already like 9:00 at night, so me getting sick didn't ruin the whole day which was lucky. The games were fun though. Mike won me a great big, white stuffed dog! So fun. But I was happy to leave when we did. In the end, it just didn't feel like a birthday. Because I can go to Lagoon any day. We had fun though.

Then on the Fourth of July, we woke up early and my other sister and brother in law came and picked us up to go boating. Mike and I were exhausted but we were excited to go. We went down to Utah Lake. Everyone says they hate it because its dirty but I like it because its warm. And the water really was very warm when we got there. Mike was the first in the water, doing some wakeboarding. Its the first time he had done it in years but he really did great. After some wakeboarding fun, which of course, I don't know how and will never know how to do, we pulled out the tube. The tube they have is great because its just got nice little seats with back rests so it was more relaxing than challenging to be on. Plus, all you have to do is go with one of their daughters and they make the ride really smooth. So Mike and I got on the tube with my niece and just had a nice little ride. She is probably better at holding herself on that tube than I am, of course, she was in the middle so that makes it easier. We were on the lake until about noon and then we went home. By this time I was exhausted. I didn't even want to shower I was so tired. Mike went and got us lunch and I showered and then we ate and I took a nice long nap. We really had no plans for that night, but not for long because Mike's parents called us and asked if we wanted to do something that night. So Mike and I, and his parents and his brother and his girlfriend, went over to Sandy to watch the parade. That was pretty entertaining. Sandy's parade usually is. But you can tell in the picture to the left that we were absolutely exhaused. Afterwards, they took us to dinner at Johnny Carino's, where I ate way too much, and then I got free cake because they told the waitress it was my birthday, even though it wasn't. The cake was great though. Then Mike and I went home, dropped off some leftovers and went and watched some fireworks. I was so tired I fell asleep during them and Mike had to wake me up for the finale. Which was great, but I just was excited to go home and go to bed. We had a busy couple of days but they completely wore me out!