Eat Good, Workout Hard

Happy Halloween everybody! I hope that you are all having a great day. Except its Sunday so pretty much everyone has already celebrated their Halloween. Except here in Norman where the world revolves around football and because there was a game last night, trick-or-treaters are supposed to go out tonight. The rest of the state did their trick-or-treating last night but not Norman. So I hope we don't get any trick-or-treaters because I didn't buy a single bag of candy. I think only one kid came last year so I didn't want to end up with leftover candy, because we all know what happens when I have sweets laying around the house....I eat them. Friday night Mike and I went to a little pumpkin patch, if you can call it that. The pumpkin patches around here aren't like the ones that we are normally familiar with. To actually go to a pumpkin patch and pick out your pumpkin, you have to pay like an $8 admission fee because they have like activities and stuff that you can do. And I am not even sure if that includes the price of the pumpkin. Well I wasn't feeling like I wanted to spend that much money just to go pick out a pumpkin so we just go to this little church yard where they sell pumpkins. We went to the same place last year. Except this year, we waited way too late in the season to go and all the nasty pumpkins were left, which was kind of what I expected, so we didn't even buy pumpkins but at least we got a picture.

No craft this weekend, and with Mike spending the majority of the day at the school preparing for next weeks competition, I was able to go to the mall and to Hobby Lobby and just walk around and enjoy some alone time. Not that I need alone time, I have plenty of that. But shopping is always great to make the time go by.

Saturday nights game against Colorado didn't start until 8:15 at night. We don't really know why, but because it was Halloween weekend, plus an easy OU win, plus it was such a late game, there was a bit of a lighter crowd. It was so nice. Thank goodness the drunk people in front of us only lasted through the 1st quarter. I can't stand drunk college students. OU won 43-10. Only one more home game left for us to go to this season.....bittersweet.

My gym pass paid in full by my work starts tomorrow. I will be a full fledged member of our local YMCA. I am so looking forward to it. I may actually start running again. Mike and I ran from the stadium to the car last night, and I actually kinda missed it. Plus we all know treadmill running is much easier on the knees, so we'll see how that goes.

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  1. L O V E the last picture of you and mike. To death. I think were getting a membership to the Y! Let's workout together sometimes! We really want the pool. Your brownie things look amazingly delicious. Yikes! I have so much Halloween candy left over you're gonna have to help me eat it on craft Saturday.