Big Apple

So we did it, we are finally going on a vacation. We have been wanting to take one for the past 6 months but we could never figure out where to go or when to go. So for the past few days we have thrown up all kinds of ideas. So many countries/states to choose from. We even considered going to Panama again. But all in all it came down to where have we both wanted to go but neither of us have been that was within the range that we wanted to spend. The answer?


We had such a hard time actually clicking the book button on Orbitz. But we are so glad that we are doing it! As soon as we booked our flights we were buying tickets to The Lion King on broadway and a Yankees game. So now that the three most important things are booked, we probably should find a hotel to stay in.

The coolest part about this whole trip?? We start out the trip spending two days in Niagara Falls!! I have wanted to go to Niagara Falls for so long and now we are finally going!

We had to figure out how to squeeze this trip in between leaving here and Mike starting school again. Which means we now will be leaving here about 5 days earlier than we had planned, which is such a bummer, cuz I love Utah. But it will definitely make the transition back to Oklahoma much easier by throwing a vacation in the mix!


  1. Sounds like an adventure! But I'm more excited for you guys to come back to Oklahoma!! Have fun in the Big Apple!

  2. I [heart] NY too! You'll have a blast! Minus the Yankees game...boo!