Good Things Happen

Happy Friday! This week has been long. I do recall at least one morning this week that I nearly screamed when Mike made me get out of bed to go to work. So thank goodness this weekend will provide me with two days to do things my way.

Our weekend plans consist of a celebratory meal at Texas Roadhouse tonight because Mike has gone and gotten himself a fantastic new job! This has been such an answer to our prayers and we are so excited that he will be able to have a bit more freedom and really be able to flex his smart muscles. The lucky duck will be working from home so now we embark upon construction in our basement to finish him an office. {Gotta keep those upstairs rooms available for some kids!} I admit, I thoroughly enjoyed every single pounding of the hammer that I got to listen to last night while Mike and his dad worked. Because every single pound meant that things are finally coming together for us. That if you wait, and you pray, and you put in effort, God will bless you. And sometimes it seems like it takes forever, but most the time it's worth the wait. And with that being said, I'm off to finish my Quest bar and enjoy myself a lovely weekend doing whatever I feel like with everything that I hold dear.


If You Really Knew Me: {3rd Edition}

Unless I'm married to you, or related to you, I'll probably withdraw if you try to get to close to me. {All of my friends are nodding right now....}
The only good thing about winter is that gloves are more socially acceptable which keeps me from having to touch germy door handles.
If I could do it all over again, I'd come back as a non-eating disorder ballerina.
I'm a secret keeper. There isn't a person in the world that knows everything about me.
I don't really care about offending people.
I'm what I call an over-sharer. If you can get me talking, you'll find out way more about me than I ever wanted you to and than you ever cared to know.
I'm pretty much a walking contradiction. {See paragraphs 4 and 6}
I don't wear 80 percent of the clothes hanging in my overcrowded closet. Of the 20 percent that I do wear, most are gray.
I'm a classical {in terms of classification} music junkie. All hail the Baroque period.
I enjoy doing math in my head.