It Came!

My diploma finally came! Now it really is official!


One Step Closer

This past weekend Mike was in Oklahoma with his Dad finding us a place to live. It was the first time we have spent apart since the day he got home from the mission. (978 days in a row!) And let me tell you, it was tough. But he is home now and all is well. And he actually accomplished something while he was there! (Good thing, because that is why we sent him.) So we now have a deposit down on a duplex. And we are so excited. The duplex is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1 car garage. So we have plenty of room, so everyone can come and stay with us! (Seriously, we really do want visitors.) Now this moving thing is really starting to come together. Now I just need a job. So if anyone has any hookups in the Oklahoma City area, let me know! Here are a couple of pictures of where we will be living for 3 years!