Its been a while. I finished a book. "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortensen and David Oliver Relin. I recommend it to everyone. It just goes to show that people can do great things with effort. Greg Mortensen has been added to my list of heroes. It couldn't have been more perfect timing, since I was in the middle of reading this book....but Greg Mortensen came to the Lloyd Noble Center last week and spoke. And it was free. So I took off work early and went to hear him speak. And I even got Mike to go with me. Honestly, Greg Mortensen is an awful speaker. You can tell he is uncomfortable being the center of attention and doesn't like large crowds. It was great to see first hand since that is talked about a lot in the book. Somehow though, he still did a fantastic job. Its amazing what some people can accomplish in life. Read the book. You won't regret it.

On Saturday night, Mike and I got to go to the Ford Center to see the Lakers play the Thunder. We had 2nd row floor seats. Now obviously, we aren't used to going to Playoff games and having that great of seats, so we had no idea what to expect. Did you know that people with floor seats get a complimentary buffet before the game? Yeah, we didn't know that either so we had already eaten before we had gone to the game. But it was a complimentary buffet at the Thunder game that we will probably never be able to experience again so we had 2 dinners on Saturday night. Drinks were free too. Well non-alcoholic drinks were free which is all that matters to us. It is a whole different world sitting on the floor though. The guy next to us was wearing a superbowl ring. Los Angeles Raiders back in the 80's. Still though. And everybody knows each other. They all hold season tickets and are best friends with each other. And they all just get wasted all night. The girl sitting behind us couldn't even stand up by herself. It was really funny. Mike, a typical law student, says to me, "I should be networking....". Haha. And then he proceeds to convince me that getting season tickets down on the floor would be an investment because of the networking and the connections that you can make with people. I don't know how convinced I am considering that would be super super expensive. Lets pay off law school loans first.

We got storage units over the weekend. I guess that is what we have decided to do. And the climate controlled storage units for the the whole summer were still less than what we pay for one month worth of rent. So we will be saving a lot of money. Its just a lot of work. And I am sad to leave my house. I love it. So every day we have made a run taking whatever the jeep will hold. The first thing we moved was my cedar chest so that I could do it myself and cover it so that no one will scratch it or ding it. I am super paranoid about it. I am still upset about having to move my piano since I spent all that time painting it and then knowing that it probably won't make it through another tuning. The strings are really old, and the first time we had it tuned, so many strings broke. But oh well, I guess I don't really have a choice. But I have so many great friends who have offered to help pack and move stuff, which I may really take you up on your offers depending on how the next few weeks go. Anyway, such is life.
I love my husband.
I love my life.
Always and forever. XO



Well its 4:48 in the morning and I am blogging. This has nothing to do with my addiction to blogging. I promise I am not psycho enough to wake up this early just to blog. I have had 4 hours of sleep and I think thats about all I can force myself to get for the day. I will thank the rain for waking me up. But now that I am awake, my mind starts racing and there is no way I am going to fall back asleep. 

When we moved here, we were leasing our duplex from a regular property management company. After a few months of being here, our duplex, as a whole went up for sale. Mike and I actually considered buying it and now regret the fact that we didn't. Our duplex was sold to the Housing Authority which is like a low-income housing assistance program. I was actually kind of excited because I thought that our rent would go down. That was wishful thinking. I thought, for some reason, we would be beyond the stage of actually qualifying because we already lived here. They wouldn't kick us out, would they? 

To qualify for Housing you have to make between a certain amount each year, and (here is the kicker), you have to have at least one child. But for some reason, I still thought that they would work with us. 
Mike called them yesterday to see about renewing our lease seeing as how we would be in Utah when our lease actually came up for renewal. Well its a good thing he called. Because apparently they aren't going to let us stay. No baby means no house. Awesome. I hate them. They did say they would work with us and if we break our lease early they wouldn't penalize us and they would still give us back our deposit. Or they could extend our lease by 3 months. So...we leave for Utah in 3 weeks, which means we have 3 weeks to figure out what we are going to do. I hate my life. So I packed 5 boxes yesterday. And it was the worst day ever. 

I love this house. I don't know how many times and to how many people I have said that I love this house. When we moved in I had the intention to be living here all 3 years of law school. If I would have known ahead of time that Housing would be buying our duplex and that we would be pretty much kicked out, I would have never moved in. 

And now poor Mike has to figure out how to ace his finals and move all in the next 3 weeks. 

So thats about where we stand. I am super upset. Obviously, if I am up this early blogging about it. We are considering just sticking all our stuff in a storage unit while we are gone. It will be tons cheaper and I won't have to worry about having someone monitor our house. But we will keep looking for a place. I am spoiled and high maintenance though and want nothing less than what I have right now. So we'll see. Maybe we'll just stay in Utah once we get there. Hah.

On the brighter side though, for my going away present at work, they gave me Thunder vs. Laker 4th game FLOOR SEATS playoff tickets. Mike is so excited. I am excited too. We decided we both would probably have rather had the cash....over $1200....but this will be fun. Probably never have this opportunity again so we will enjoy every minute of it.



I can't believe its less than a month until we leave. 25 days to be exact.

My favorite current lyrics are: "I'm Awesome.....No Your Not Dude, Don't Lie". Hah.

I started playing my piano again. Oh how I have missed it.

I bake too much, causing myself unnecessary weight.

My little brother turns 13 on Friday. I can't believe my baby brother is gonna be a teenager.

To my sisters: I may force you to sing with me at mom's piano nearly every time I see you. Be prepared.

I really hate finals. Even when I am not taking them. Mike becomes the mystery man closed up in the other room. Good for him though. Study hard babe.

The phrase I currently hate: ".......you know, and this, that and the other......." Wait......huh?

I cannot wait to snuggle up to my new nephew. Dibbs on holding him ALL summer.

Why people built roads here the way they are is beyond me. Seriously.

When co-workers continue to tell me about their marriages, I realize how wonderful I really do have it. I mean, I knew I had it good, I just didn't realize how many people have it so awful.

Mentally, I have checked out of my job. With the new lady here now, I feel no ambition. Its pretty bad.

I ♥ Mike.



Good Food, Good Friends

This weekend we went to a birthday dinner at a restaurant here called Coach's. Our friend turned 27. We are lucky to have good friends here in Oklahoma. It was a super fun night.


Double Proud

200 people (99 teams) competed in Moot Court.
In addition to Mike's team getting 5th place, Mike also scored an Honorable Mention Speaker Award.
Only 20 people out of 200 people got these.
Again, I am such a proud wife.

My dad called and told me to take Mike out to dinner on him.
He was a super proud father-in-law!
Thanks dad!



Mike got 5th place in Moot Court.

5th out of 99. 

Way to go baby, I am so proud of you!


The Good Stuff

My posts have been becoming more scarce, and to my faithful readers (mom and mom-in-law), this may be a disappointment but I continue to do my best. My replacement for my job started on Friday, so my posts will now be even more scarce because I will no longer be blogging while at work. Which is pretty difficult for me to grasp.....training can be a beast. But so far, this new lady is awesome and has a fairly normal personality so I think spending the next month crammed in my 8x8 office with her for 8 hours a day won't be completely miserable. People keep asking me when my last day is. I really have no idea. I really would like to continue working....wait, scratch that.....I really would like to continue to receive a paycheck. But at the same time, if this new lady is 100% awesome and picks up everything quickly, then I don't just want to sit around and watch her work when she doesn't need my help. So we will see. I can't believe our coming to Utah is only a month away!! I am super pumped. As Mike and I sat and ate Sunday dinner together today, I told him how excited I was to go to Utah and have 3 months full of Sunday dinners thought up by someone else. Note: Mom and mom-in-law, I am more than willing to help prepare any Sunday dinner.....its the coming up with it part that is difficult. Let me just say Mike and I eat a lot.....A LOT of chicken breasts. Because thats as creative as I get.

And in preparing to leave for our 3 month vacay in Utah, I have begun our list of things that we need to bring. How do you pack for 3 months?! Well if you have suggestions, let me know. And if you think that there may be something that I might not have thought to put on my list, please let me know.

And this is where the bragging blog comes in. And don't worry, I already forewarned Mike that I would be writing a brag blog about him. If anyone remembers, I wrote a blog about this Mrs. Wilson and the paper that my dear husband was forced to write about her and her case. Well in addition to that paper, my dear husband also had to team up with a classmate and argue the case. They call this Moot Court. They had to argue for Mrs. Wilson. And then a week later they had to argue against Mrs. Wilson. The Moot Court started out with 99 teams. They narrow it down to the 24 best teams. Of these 24 teams, they pick the best 8....and automatically put them in what they call the "Sweet Sixteen", and then the remaining 16 teams battle it out for the remaining 8 spots in the "Sweet Sixteen". I know, confusing. But take a wild guess as to where my Mike fits into this little puzzle? Yep, mom-in-law, you guessed it right. He was in the top 8, which means he is automatically put into the "Sweet Sixteen". This week he continues to battle it out, so wish him luck. He says there is nothing to brag about, because he hasn't won. But I think being one of the top 8 teams in 99 teams is something to brag about. I love my man.

For the first time ever, I tried Frozen Custard. It is pretty popular here in Oklahoma. On Friday night we went with some friends to Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers for dinner. It was delicious. Frozen Custard is AMAZING. It doesn't taste much different than ice cream, but it does. Its just really really REALLY good.

The next morning we got up early and went shooting with some friends. Mike was pretty excited to shoot his new shot gun. Neither of us have shot a gun in years, but it didn't take Mike long to warm up. He shattered the majority of the clay pigeons that he shot at. Me, not so hot....but I did hit enough to make me happy. All I know is our gun is super heavy. But really I am just super weak. We had a great time though. Mike also got to shoot our friends rifle, which I think he thoroughly enjoyed.