Last weekend, Mike and I and his dad, two brothers, and sis-in-law, went out west of Utah Lake to go shooting. I think Mike was pretty excited to shoot his gun again and his brother and dad have a lot of guns, so there was always plenty to choose from. I am not the most amazing shooter but I hit a couple of the clay pigeons. Shot guns are the most painful to shoot (darn bruise on my shoulder), but they are the most fun to shoot cuz you are shooting at a moving target. I like that.

Birthday on Saturday! Got the whole day planned out! I love birthdays. I love eating junk all day, doing whatever I want, and shopping. Oh how I love the shopping.

Good news, well kinda, after spending about $160 on a new hard drive and Windows 7, we, or should I say Mike and my dad, fixed his computer. What I have learned through this experience: dropping a laptop when its on is worse than dropping it when its off, always save to your hard drive, carry the computer with two hands, and NEVER buy from Dell again.


  1. looks like fun! I really like to shoot as well. We went a lot when we lived in Idaho. Great pictures. Glad you got your computer back up and running! Mine crashed last fall and it just makes you SICK when you lose everything. the chocolate cake...oh my. that looks HEAVENLY. Can't wait to try it!

  2. So sad about your computer, but I'm glad you fixed it. I will also never buy a computer from Dell. Miss you! I'm probably coming home from Canada in a couple of weeks. Let's get together before you leave.