Last weekend, Mike and I and his dad, two brothers, and sis-in-law, went out west of Utah Lake to go shooting. I think Mike was pretty excited to shoot his gun again and his brother and dad have a lot of guns, so there was always plenty to choose from. I am not the most amazing shooter but I hit a couple of the clay pigeons. Shot guns are the most painful to shoot (darn bruise on my shoulder), but they are the most fun to shoot cuz you are shooting at a moving target. I like that.

Birthday on Saturday! Got the whole day planned out! I love birthdays. I love eating junk all day, doing whatever I want, and shopping. Oh how I love the shopping.

Good news, well kinda, after spending about $160 on a new hard drive and Windows 7, we, or should I say Mike and my dad, fixed his computer. What I have learned through this experience: dropping a laptop when its on is worse than dropping it when its off, always save to your hard drive, carry the computer with two hands, and NEVER buy from Dell again.



I dropped Mike's laptop yesterday. Its less than a year old. And it doesn't work anymore.
So now we are not only out a computer, we are out all the documents from his first year of law school.
I love my life.
If you'd like to donate to the "Mike's New Laptop Because His Wife Is Retarded Fund", please contact us by email or phone.


Toy Story

My dad took Mike and I out for dinner and a movie last night to pay us back for some yard work we did for him. We went to Red Robin....second time eating there in less than a week. But so delicious and so worth it. And then we went to see Toy Story 3. This movie has gotten a lot of hype....and it is definitely worth all the hype. I thought it was fantastic. There wasn't a single part that I can think of that was even the slightest bit boring. Its got you laughing and its got you crying, fantastic all around. I give it 5 stars.
One star for the fact that grown up Andy looks just like Greg Brady
One star for the Latin Buzz
One star for Ken's wardrobe
One star for Ken's Dream Mansion
One star for the triceratops at Bonnie's

My little brother got braces yesterday. So excited for him. Can I just say how much I love that kid? Couldn't ask for a sweeter 13 year old brother.

Brag Alert: Mike did great in school last semester. But one especially impressive grade was his A+ in his Torts class. Yes, you can earn A+'s in Law School....at least at OU anyway. Then they came out with the rankings, and that A+ gave him the highest grade in the class. Continuing to be so amazed with Mike and his intelligence. Love you babe!

I haven't baked yet this week. Still trying to figure out which recipe to tackle this time. But my brotherinlaw made some chocolate chip macaroons on Sunday which are super good, but now that they have toughened up a bit, they taste very similar to the Girl Scout cookie: Samoas. All they have in them is coconut, vanilla, chocolate chips, and sweetened condensed milk. I am going to have to get the exact recipe and make them. So delish.

This past weekend was Country Fest in South Jordan. Mike and I joined in some of the festivities and went on Friday night with our dear friends to walk around and then Saturday we went to the parade with my family. We do it every year. Here are some pics that I stole from my sisters blog from the parade.


Fathers Day

I know, I am a day late, but its good I wasn't spending time blogging yesterday about fathers, and instead actually spending time with my fathers. I have the most wonderful father. And I have the most wonderful fatherinlaw. I am so blessed to have these great men in my life.

But I can never forget about my dear sweet husband, Michael who is not a father yet but will be someday. We have celebrated both Fathers Day and Mothers Day since we have been married. We really enjoy giving each other this special day and celebrating our opportunity to be parents. I look forward to the day when Fathers Day and Mothers Day becomes a true celebration in our home.



Apparently Oklahoma is in the middle of a monsoon. I'm glad I live in Norman, because from the news, Oklahoma City looks pretty bad. Its hard to say how bad things really are though because the news always seems to over exaggerate. Hopefully everyone I know back in Oklahoma is safe and there hasn't been any damage. Sending you all good thoughts as I enjoy the sunshine here in Utah.....finally.

I love projects. As everyone knows, baking is a particular favorite of mine. I wish I had a desire to cook all kinds of healthy meals but unfortunately, the only appealing recipes to even attempt are usually loaded with sugar. As I continue to easily pack on pounds, and somehow find that small desire to go for an occasional run, I have been slightly weaning myself to other hobbies. My current project: reupholstering a wing back chair. My mominlaw has a wing back chair that has an adorable shape to it but it was in dire need of a face lift. So I took it upon myself, recruiting an enthusiastic husband, to go to Hobby Lobby to pick out some fabric. MISTAKE. The fabric I got I do like, don't get me wrong. But I should have gone to JoAnn's. The variety would have been larger and it probably would have been cheaper. But, lo, we did not. And the Hobby Lobby fabric is working just fine. We worked until the wee hours of the morning getting all the old fabric off the chair. Now, each day I work on a little bit more. I really don't know how much I enjoy doing this. It is stressful. I am a perfectionist. And perfection and first time upholsterers definitely do not go together. If upholsterer's is even a word. But I am learning a lot and I like having things to keep me busy. My next battle will be the kitchen table. Or maybe the end tables. Who knows, maybe I'll go crazy and reupholster all the furniture in the house. Hah. No.

Here is the before picture of the chair. After picture will follow.



Free Fish Day.
Me, Mike, Bridger, Chase, Ger.
No fish for me. No fish for Mike.
Tan legs.
Nephew baby Kyle. All smiles.
Five Guys Cheeseburger.
Car Shopping. Blah.
Four hour negotiations.
I rock at car buying.
Drive off at 9:30 PM. Finally.
♥ 2010 Black Nissan Altima
Late night Burger King.

Church at 1:00.
Boring morning.
♥ New Car.
Three hour church.
Inspired closing prayer.
Lots of dinner.
Warm homemade wheat bread.
Enjoyed the sunshine.
Enjoyed the storm.


Now and Then

Isn't funny how through the years, your taste will change? I was thinking about some of the things, the very basic things, that I liked when I was younger and how they are completely different now. For instance, when I was younger, my favorite color was blue, and now it is red. I loved sunflowers when I was younger, the dress I wore on my baptism day even had sunflowers on it (my mom has pictures of me in that dress hung in the bathroom....so cute) and now, I prefer daisies.

Isn't it interesting though how some things never change? Since as long as I can remember...I have loved rubies. Probably because they are my birthstone, but I still just absolutely love rubies. Mike even was the greatest husband ever and got me my first real ruby ring last year for my birthday. I have always loved my hair long. I always had it long when I was younger because that is the way mom had me wear it. I just didn't really care. All through high school, it was long. Then one grave day, Mike decided to dare me to chop my hair off, and of course I absolutely had to because it was a dare people. That was January 2008. I cried. It was sad. Finally now I can say that my hair is back to a length that I like. Don't get me wrong, there were lengths that I liked as my hair grew back out, but long is definitely something that will stick with me until I am too old to wear it long.

Some things that will never grow old though:

Oklahoma rain storms
A good nights sleep
Dunford chocolate donuts
A Sunday afternoon in Utah mountains
Cool drink of water on a hot day
A rare opportunity to sing with my sisters

and on

and on

and on....


Star Fish

On Memorial Day, Mike and I and some of his family members went fishing. We went up to Rockport. None of us caught a single fish but I fed a squirrel a hand full of sunflower seeds. No not from my hand. I would probably get rabies if I did that.

Mike and I also went and saw "Prince of Persia" with my dad and brother. Mike didn't much like it.
I give it 2.5 stars.
Half a star for the ostriches
One star for the super funny ostrich race organizer guy
Half a star for Jake Gyllenhaal's muscles
Half a star for the pretty princess

Full of action, with a little bit of romance....pretty much the typical movie these days but we had a good time!