Easter 2008

Every year, on the Saturday before Easter, my Grandma hosts this big Easter party for my mom's side. And every year gets crazier and crazier. This year, Mike and I drove down to Gunnison (where my Grandparents live) the night before and slept over. After a night full of Grandma showing us the quilts and receiving blankets she is working on for her future great-grand children, Mike and I got lucky enough to sneak away and go to bed. The morning came and as we waited for the rest of the family to show up, Mike had the crazy idea to fly a kite....in no wind. Needless to say, lots of running but not much kite flying. We had a good time though. The rest of the day went as planned...a little basketball playing, an enormous lunch, an easter egg hunt, the crazy gift exchange (with Grandma supplying all of the gifts, some guys this year even got some cologne.....Stetson!!:) and the Easter tree. Mike and I finally headed home after a long day in the sun.

Easter Sunday was a little different this year with us being married. Growing up, I had always woken up on Easter morning to an Easter basket hidden somewhere in the house. Well this year, I didn't. Sad. But Mike's genius idea for this Easter was go and buy all the easter basket goodies the day after easter and save a bunch of money! What a novel idea! So tonight, Mike and I will be hitting the stores, picking up all the 75% of deals we can! Yay for saving money, right?