Happy Anniversary!

Mike and I celebrated our one year anniversary this weekend by taking off to Las Vegas! We needed a break between semesters anyway and I wanted some warm weather. We drove down on Saturday morning and couldn't check into our hotel until 4:00 so we just walked around the strip and went and picked up our tickets for Phantom at The Venetian. We ate at The Cheesecake Factory, which in my opinion, wasn't good, but we didn't get cheesecake so that could have changed my opinion. We did some more walking, because that is what you do in Vegas, and then we went and rested our feet in our hotel room and then got ready for the show. Phantom was absolutely amazing. The theatre was absolutely beautiful and exactly how you would imagine it should be. All of the actors were awesome and had great voices. The next day started out at a Brunch buffet. Can't go to Vegas without hitting at least one buffet. It was pretty good. Then we layed out at the pool for a few hours. It was so hot. I need to learn to put on sunscreen. I got pretty burned. Then we did some more walking, took some pictures and went and rested our feet again. I took a pretty nice long nap, while Mike watched some TV. Then we went and got milk shakes and watched the Bellagio water show. We were both pretty wiped out, even me with my two and a half hour nap, so we went back to the hotel and went to bed. The next morning just the normal pack up, check out, drive home routine. We did stop at Jack in the Box in St George and had lunch. Its tradition. Whenever its available on a road trip, we eat there. We like it.