Look at these super cute Halloween Candy Corn Wreath's that we made! My friend Andrea and I glued and glued for over 2 hours to get these wreaths done but I am so happy with the final product. I hung it on my front door, and it looks great, but the picture that you get to see is flipped because that is what happened when I uploaded it. I, once again, couldn't get it to flip right. If anyone else has figured out how to get this fixed, please let me know. Its only the pictures that have no people in them, so I am betting its some facial recognition thing. Anyway, super fun wreath to make. The link for how to do it is right here.

Today I created a new tradition. Well first off, happy 4 year anniversary to Mike today who got home from his mission on October 10, 2006! (Also today is our 4 year anniversary for holding hands for the first time. Yes, Mike held my hand the day he got home from his mission, for the first time ever. It scared the heck out of me. That's a different story for a different day.) Anyway, two of Mike's favorite foods from the mission were Patacones, which are friend plantains, and what he calls "immigration hot dogs" because the vendor that sold these hot dogs was outside the immigration building in Panama. When we visited Panama in 2008, I had the pleasure of trying both and both were just as delicious as he described. So today, guess what we had for dinner? Yep, patacones and immigration hot dogs. The hot dogs are actually a kind of hot dog that is popular in Colombia, and it has pineapple sauce, coleslaw, and crushed potato chips on it, along with the typical hot dog toppings. And I think dinner was a success! Mike seemed to enjoy it anyway. After dinner he said, "You realize what you have done right?" I actually had no idea what I had done. He said, "You have created a tradition. Now every year on October 10th this is what we have to have for dinner. Even when we have kids." Yay, I love new traditions! Here are the links for the Patacones and Colombian Hot Dogs.

Cheesy I know, but we love our new carpet. And this is right after we got it in. We love it.

I became an official employee at my job on October 4th. I was supposed to be on contract until November 30th, but they must have decided that they just really love me. But that means that I will get benefits soon! I am so excited!

And look how cute we are!

I love my siblings. Miss you guys.


  1. Cute! I love the halloween wreath, I love your new carpet, and I love our cute pictures of US!

  2. I made it to your blog! Oh this is my favorite post. Were so cute! They were so fun to make. I can't wait for the next craft Saturday! Oh happy day! There are hot dogs in chile called complectas. Tra loved them and tries to recreate them from time to time. So glad you got your new carpet. It makes the world of difference!

  3. CUTE!! I love the wreath!! Fun project!! Your hair is getting so long!!! I love it!! I'm glad you finally got new carpet!!