Family Pictures

Even though it may seem rather engagement-y like (yes, someone actually congratulated us while we were out taking these photos), it was about time for some updated family photos. And with or without kids, the two of us make up a family. And a rather adorable one at that.



Photo Cred: Widdison Photography


The Week In Which I Grew Up

(I guess I like to be ironic. Because on my grown-up birthday, I wore a crown. Because that is what Rachel did on her 30th birthday. #friendsreference)

It’s been a tough year. In my desperation to find myself before my 30th birthday, I feel like I lost myself more in my late 20’s than anything else. With that being said, turning 30 last week was rather difficult for me. What a different person I am than I ever thought I would be at 30. Every day I wake up and wonder, what is it that will make this day different, special. What will make me feel at peace. Feel like I am doing exactly as God intended.

Don’t misinterpret, I’m very happy. I get to spend each and every day with the man that I love, surrounded by friends and family, in my beautiful home, that is surrounded by Utah’s incredible mountains.

Anyway, turning 30 was only the half of this week in which I grew up. Two days after my 30th birthday, I went back to work full time in over two years. I now find myself in an office building with 800 colleagues back in the role as an accountant. When I quit my job two years ago, I never planned to go back. My husband makes enough to provide for us and working full time isn’t my favorite thing, as noted in many blog posts in the past. However, when an accountant position opened up at the same company that my husband works for as an attorney, he sent me the job description with the comment, “If you ever were planning on going back to work, this is the company that you should work for”.

So I applied. And just that quickly, I got an interview. And the next day, a second interview. And two days later, a job offer. Offering more money than I had asked for. So how could I not take it. I had to at least try to be an adult.

And if being an adult becomes too hard, well that’s just too bad. Because I’m 30 now. And with that comes responsibility.

I don’t mind my job. It’s nice to feel that importance again. And it’s nice to be paying off my husband’s student loans, paycheck by paycheck. However, talk to me about it again in 6 months. My motto?

It could be worse. It could be winter.

So when I’m waking up at 5:45AM to get in my workout in the pitch black and coming home from work when the sun comes down, I’m afraid my tune will change. But for now, the sun is shining, and I’m making money.