Thoughts on this here Eve

I'm ringing in the New Year with Chinese food and procrastination.

Eventually I'll write about the

princess bridal shower that we threw my sister, or

Christmas, or

my baby sisters wedding, or

our resolutions, or

how I'm glad 2012 is over.

Or maybe not.



Merry Christmas Eve...eve....!



December Things

Three days ago, I wrote the largest check of my personal life. Finally. A construction deposit. Projected date of a nice big hole in the ground to represent the beginnings of our new home…mid-January.
And we’re getting a fireplace. Yes, we made that jump, and I am so excited. Red brick. To the ceiling. Fireplace sitting is my happy place.
This is the current song on replay. If you hate Christmas music, this song is for you. If you love Christmas music, this song is for you. I love Christmas. I love Christmas music.

Pandora’s Christmas stations plays at a constant at work. And without even looking, I can tell you when a song from The Christmas Box album is on. You know how I know? Mike and I listened to it over and over and over again while we were dating. Those songs hold such fond memories. A December night wrapped up in a blanket while talking to my favorite person in the world is only complete if done while listening to The Christmas Box.

My baby sister’s wedding is a mere week away. Can I just give that sweet little girl a hug and never let her grow up? Speaking of never growing up, I think now would be a good time to go to Neverland.
Shout out to my folks, that are celebrating their anniversary today. I wish I could say I knew exactly the number of years....but congrats on 30 something years you two love birds!
Do you ever say something out loud before you think about what you are saying? Gosh, I hate that. I think I’m the queen of it.
Sorry guys, I just don’t have much to say these days. However, I do much better on Instagram. @abbys14.



We had date night smack in the middle of the week. It was a Tuesday night and we were feeling particularly exciting, so we went and saw a movie. On a Tuesday. It was crazy! {The other 6 people in the theater must have been feeling as adventurous as we were.} We'd never seen a movie in 3D, so we decided hey, why not, because apparently we felt like spending the extra cash? We decided that Life of Pi was calling our name. Have you seen this movie? I tell you what, it blew my mind. This show is chock-full of inspiration. I'm not quite sure Mike picked up on it, but I walked out feeling uplifted and motivated. I hate to admit it but I learned more about God and faith and perspective than I sometimes do in my Sunday meetings. The graphics were beautiful, which only helps to tell the story of this young man and a tiger, stuck on a life boat in the middle of the ocean. If I could recommend a movie, this would be it. That is, of course, until Les Miserables hits the theater.