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Ever been to a piano bar? Well I can officially say that I have, and it rocked my socks off! Some friends of ours had gone and told us how much fun it was, and we couldn't pass it up. People pay money to request songs, the pianists play and sing and are absolutely hysterical, while the crowd gets completely wasted! Not us of course, as we sit right in front sipping on our Sprite's. We had such a good time, and my friend and I even went up on stage one time to dance! Mike took video, which will not be seen by anyone else except us, considering how dumb we look. So here is a couple pictures to show the good times! It will definitely be something we do a little more regularly!

On another note, great GREAT news!! We are officially headed back to Utah for the Summer! My work has been more than wonderful in accomodating me working remotely for 3 months. So it'll still be a busy Summer working full time out of my parents house, but it'll be absolutely awesome! We'll be there on May 15, and I can not wait!

Oh and I have made it back to the gym, for all those who were worried. Worked out 5 days last week! Started some High Intensity Interval Training, thanks to a dear sweet friend who keeps me super motivated!

Headed to Dallas this weekend to see the fam, super excited!

And thats about it!



Still haven't been to the gym. I'm in a funk. Yesterday I told Mike that I was on the road to recovery. Step 1: Pack gym bag. Step 1.5: Actually bring gym bag in from the car to the office so I can change after work (I don't like changing at the gym). I reached both Step 1 and 1.5 yesterday. Now, since my gym bag was already packed from yesterday, Step 1 was accomplished today without any effort. I haven't yet reached Step 1.5 because I usually bring my gym bag in during lunch, so I have a few hours to accomplish this. Now assuming that I am successful in Step 1.5, I will move on to Step 2: Actually changing into my gym clothes. And then from there, assuming all goes well, I will move on to Step 2.5: Going to the gym. And then the final step, Step 3: Have a full and complete run. I really am hoping to make it to Step 3 today. This week is Spring Break, so its especially hard knowing that Mike is at home not studying super crazy, like normal. He hasn't had much opportunity to study this week, with work and two dentist appointments and working for a firm in Utah through email. Its been crazy. These poor law students cram so much in during Spring Break because things are just a little lighter than normal. It makes it not so much a break.

We're almost done with year 2 though! I just can't believe it! April is going to fly by because of all that I have already planned to do, and Mike will be studying like crazy. I was going to do this super duper cool race in Texas with a friend in April, and when we went to register for it, it was completely full! Do you know how many people it takes to fill this race up? This particular race is in waves. The waves are every 30 minutes, the entire day, and each wave is up to 500 people. Do you know how many people that is?! We were going to register a month before the race and it was full. FULL! I was so so disappointed. There is another one in Texas in November that we are going to shoot for. And this race is not just any race, which is why I am so disappointed. This race is only 3.24 miles, but it has obstacles. Jumping over fire, crawling under barbed wire, running down a river, tires, swimming across a swamp....and on and on. Isn't that cool? We are so disappointed. My friend and I were going to run it together and then our husbands were going to run it together in a different wave. So fun, but it will have to be delayed.

But speaking of Texas, we got our hotels booked last night for the first weekend in April to meet Mike's brother and family in Dallas! Its become our tradition to meet them in Dallas (they live in Houston) every conference weekend. We don't watch much conference, but we get a lot of fun family time in, and then we'll watch/listen/read the talks later. Not quite sure what we're doing while we're there, but its always an adventure. We're super excited!

Oh and I filled out my bracket this morning. Go DUKE!

My new favorite word thats not really a word is -ish. I love it. I say it all the time. Mike and I spent the entire time driving to Walmart last night talking about this word. It all started with me saying something and then pausing for a moment and then saying -ish. -Ish signifies that what you said is pretty much true but it very possibly might not be true at the same time. You should have seen the look on Mike's face when I said it. He was so confused. So I explained to him the meaning of -ish, and he proceeded to tell me that what I said makes absolutely no sense. Here is an example of a short conversation that I would very possibly end in -ish:

Mike: "When are you going to be leaving work?"

Me: "In about 10 to 15 minutes......-ish."

It makes no sense to Mike, but for some reason, I have picked up this word and now use it in everyday conversation.

All I have had today is two pieces of cake and a cupcake.....oh and a glass of water. Mike says I need something hearty. All I can think of is chili. That really is the first thing I think of when I think "hearty".

Oh and its St. Patrick's Day. And yes, I still feel the same way. I hate it. Because if you wear green, people comment on the fact that your cliche and your wearing green on St. Patrick's Day. But if you don't wear green then people comment on the fact the its St. Patrick's Day and your not wearing green.....sinner. So today, I chose a floral shirt, which includes little leaves. Which are green. So I am wearing green. And yes, I have already had one comment today about where my green was. Yes, I did point to the little leaves on my shirt. So dumb.

And here is a picture. Because a friend of mine told me that blogs need pictures. And I haven't taken any lately. So I stole this off my sisters facebook. This is a picture of my sister and my niece. Gotta love them.



I wish that I was the type of person that when I had a bad day I ate less than I would on a normal day.

I'm not. I eat double what I would on a normal day.

I wish that I was the type of person that when I had a bad day I would go run it out at the gym.

I'm not. Not only do I not exercise on the particularly bad day, I take the entire week (or more) off.

Bad combination.



Do I have absolutely the greatest friends in the world, or what?



I'm loving these pages of quotes that I pulled from the Latter Day Woman Spring 2011 Catalog.
For when we all could use a little bit of inspiration.