Baby Girl

We are so excited to welcome the newest member of my side of the family. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl early Sunday morning, April 26, 2009. The labor was pretty quick and both mom and baby are doing wonderful! She is so cute, and doesn't hardly cry. This was my sister's third child, and third girl, yet the first time I have gone to see her in the hospital! I am so excited to go and cuddle her again!



I know, Easter was last week, but I am just barely getting around to writing about it this week. We spent the Saturday before Easter with my family, like we always do. Hanging out, eating and like always, playing the gift game. It's kinda like white elephant, except Grandma brings all the gifts. There are usually some pretty interesting gifts but we always have a good time.And of course, we can't forget about the Easter tree. Grandma brings the Easter tree and hangs a $2 bill and a candy bar for everyone. And yes, every year we take a picture in front of the Easter tree before everyone takes off the goodies. Sunday we had a fabulous turkey dinner with Mike's family and enjoyed hanging out with them for a little while.


The Best

Abby is the best. I don't even know if I need to say more. Abby you are my best friend and I thank you for always being supportive. Thanks for being there for me. I really appreciate it. I like when we get time to hang out and play together. You make me so happy. Thanks for being the best. I love you!

Love Mike

The Bigger Picture

I have once or twice in my life been known as a complainer. My sister's and Mike may beg to differ about the once or twice part but I like to make myself sound better than I truly am. Don't judge, everyone does it. Anyway, sometimes, I have to slap myself and take a step away and look at the bigger picture. I was raised in a middle-class family with everything essentially handed to me. Yes, I did chores, and tried to be a good daughter but who says that I deserved all I actually got. I was raised to know the difference between right and wrong and my parents taught me the gospel and were always trying to help me be better. I had good friends growing up that did good things and I was involved in all kinds fun activities to help keep me out of trouble. I have been given some awesome talents in my life that have become such a source of strength to me. I went to college, incurring minimal debt, and am within 2 weeks of graduating. I have an awesome family and fantastic in-laws that are always so supportive and helpful of everything I do. I live in a great area and feel safe where we live. I have a great ward, and the wonderful calling of being a Miamaid Advisor. I have learned so much from my girls and love teaching and spending time with them at activities. I have a good job that pays me good money and even though I can't always say I love getting up and going to work, I don't dread it, which is a good sign! I am healthy, and really haven't had any major issues with my body in my life, and for that I am truly grateful. I have such great friends. What few friends I do actually hang out with every once in a while, I really do love them. I have such an amazing husband. Mike is my sweet prince charming and I am so glad to have a husband who is driven and wants to do something with his life. Not everything in my life has been easy but I really have been so blessed. I feel like life has been handed to me on a silver platter. I am so lucky.


MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Twitter....Blah

I admit, when MySpace came out, I did not join right at first. I thought it was stupid and did not want to have my pictures plastered all over the internet. But then a friend sucked me in. And I quickly became addicted. I didn't mind it at first, besides the rumors, ruined relationships and absolute lack of privacy, MySpace was pretty entertaining. Slowly, but surely, MySpace faded, and then Facebook became the new hip thing. I told myself and I even told Mike that I wasn't going to join facebook, because, again, I thought it was stupid. But, again, was sucked in. Facebook continues to be pretty popular and everyone I think I have ever known growing up has a facebook but now I wonder, what exactly facebook is providing me. With hundreds of friends, who do I actually have a relationship with? Maybe 30 of those people even know my phone number. So what is the point? Why is it that people crave to be constantly updated with the one guy who was in their Biology class for half a semester and then moved to Illinois? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE GUY! Yet, here I am, just as guilty as the rest of the facebookers. And its just embarassing. I told Mike that I was going to get rid of my facebook, and I even came really close. Yet I couldn't get myself to do it? Why? I have absolutely no idea. I don't mind having a blog. My blog is a good way for my family and certain people to see pics and descriptions of what Mike and I are up to. And it will be good to have when we move to Oklahoma. And my blog doesn't have a description of everything that I do. Just the things that I want people to know. So the blog will always be here, until I forget about it and stop updating. But we all know that one day facebook will fade and something else will become popular. But right now I vow to never begin tweeting or twooting or twitting or whatever the proper terminology is. Because networking sites are stupid. Yes, flat out stupid. Because if you care enough about me and about Mike, you will call me and talk to me on the phone. Because you would have my phone number.