A little behind...

I have gotten pretty behind on updating our blog so this is just a quick overview of what Mike and I are up to. School started up again for the Fall semester. Its taking up pretty much all of our time. Morning classes, night classes, day classes and both of us trying to work full time in between. We seem to be handling it all okay I guess. I had four midterms last week and somehow pulled an A on three of them...I haven't gotten the score back for the fourth one yet, but I am not expecting an A. Somehow Mike seems to pull A's too, all while taking the LSAT prep course and work. He is doing really well. He takes the LSAT this coming Saturday morning so we are really looking forward to having that over with and crossing our fingers that everything goes well.

Mike's birthday was last week, the big 23. Sadly enough though, it was more a grown up birthday than anything...meaning that we still went to work and to school. We did take a couple hours in the middle of the day and go to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Super good stuff.
Other than that life seems pretty much the same. Sometimes its just easier to stay the same anyway.