It's The Little Things He Says That Really Make Me Smile

@Costco on a particularly grumpy Abby day.

Abby: Hey Mike, go get me one of those sausage samples.

Mike: (Leaves, Returns) I got you the red wine one because you're probably more fun when you're drunk.

Yeah, it's probably true.


The Snow Storm That Prompted The Snowmen Which Led To The Snow Fort

It all started with me taking pictures...
 however, somehow I got wrangled into helping build the snowmen...
And within minutes, I was laying on the icy cold ground with my head in a snow fort.
But I guess I'll follow that face anywhere.


Christmas Festivities

How we celebrated Christmas in 2012...
Mike put up the tree
Abby made new ornaments for the tree

And then we decorated it with ornaments and presents, and took a really off color picture
Then the time we made a gingerbread house
And Christmas Eve came. And we partied. And the children wore us out. And we got really tired {I mean, just look at those faces}
But then Christmas morning came, and we were re-energized and Mike was so excited about our new ladder
And Abby was really excited about her Lincoln Logs
And to all a good night.