Things that I do not approve of in a cubicle environment:

Finger Nail Clipping
Nose Blowing
Gum Popping
Loud Phone Conversations

All of which have happened in the last hour.

Pretty much I just don't even want to know that you are there. Stay home if you can't remember your manners.


The House That We Built

Living in the home that we built is such a blessing. It is exactly what we wanted. We are still putting things together as we slowly get rid of some older pieces and replace them with newer pieces. But I realized that we have lived in our home now for two months and I haven't posted any pictures of it now that it is complete. So here you have it, a very, very small home tour.



The last week of May, Mike and I and his whole family went to Disneyland. Mike had a niece that was going to be dancing in the park so my inlaws decided we should all go to Disneyland and support her. I didn’t put up a fight.


I hadn’t been to Disneyland since 2004 and Mike hadn’t been since he was a kid. We had such a good time watching the kids get so excited about each of the rides. And it was fun to finally go to Disneyland with my sweetheart! Mike was a good sport, but still wonders why people who don’t have kids would go to Disneyland. I guess he’s just outgrown all the magic. He needs some pixie dust or something.  



I lay in bed this morning contemplating my 27th year while I waited for the sun to rise over the mountains and shine its warmth into my bedroom window. It was quiet. Mike was out in the kitchen making the birthday girl her favorite breakfast of French toast. And I wondered. I wondered what this year would be like. I wondered what I would do this year. I wondered what God would have me do this year. I wondered what events would cause me to remember my 27th year; a whole year of possibilities just waiting to be had. I think it will be a good year. I think 27 will fit me nicely. I think that I will be sad to move on to my 28th year. Look at me, thinking about 28 when I just turned 27.

And isn't it quite sinister to blog about your own birthday?