A Wedding for the Baby Girl

Once upon a time last December on the 27th, my twin sister that is approximately 6 years younger than I am was married. It was a cold, wintry day, however, if its going to snow, lets make it a pretty snow, eh? Here is a plethora of pictures from the lovely day.


See, what did I tell you! Pretty snow.
 My eyes went Chinese in this picture? And the white in my eye? Gone.

Oh nephew, I love you so.



Light fixtures are expensive. And I think that home builders are out to suck every living penny out of us. Its an epidemic. In other news, we have bath tubs, and a fireplace insert and our furnace. Oh and in other other news, a couple of pigeons have taken up residence before we even got the chance. Those workers like to leave the windows open resulting in white and brown spotted nastiness spread throughout the house. They better figure it out soon or I'm canceling my order. Jokes. However, I am pretty worried about them sheet rocking one of those birds in and then I'll have a dead, rotting bird in my walls. And then I really will cancel my order.
Look, our house has a shape!
Look, we have a roof!
Look, we have electrical!
Look, we have a bathtub!