Only in Norman

Happy Halloween Everyone! Yes, I do realize that according to the official October 31st holiday, I am a day too early. But only here in Norman would they change Halloween to accommodate the OU football game. In watching the news this morning, I received confirmation that Norman residents are to go trick-or-treating tonight, because the game is tomorrow night. Wow. Really, what else can you say? Except for I thought I was going to be able to get out of buying candy because I am going to the game tomorrow but apparently I was wrong because Halloween this year is October 30th.

Something today that made me smile: I was driving today with my windows up and my music on when I realize that I hear some really loud music coming from somewhere outside my car. This is not so abnormal, considering that there are punks all over this great nation that like to listen to their rap or rock way too loud. But this situation was abnormal, because it was classical music. So I turn my music off and roll my window down, and realize that the music was coming from the truck next to me. Some older man was blasting his classical music. His windows were even rolled up but it was still so loud. I couldn't help but smile.



I did it! I finally got a job. It is the job at the manufacturing company that I was talking about before! I am the official Accountant/HR/Inventory Manager/Do Practically Everything! They are even giving me the pay I asked for! I start next Wednesday. This is a good thing, but also very bittersweet. I really am going to miss the Food Network and my institute class. But thats okay, paying for things with money that we actually have is way better. I thinks this calls for a celebration.....Chili's 3 courses for $20......here I come.


Oklahoma Mixture

Last week I had a job interview with a manufacturing company (the gas industry is huge here). I am working through a recruiting company so they are working on my offer for me. But I talked to the lady yesterday and she said that I am their "top candidate". Wahoo....I almost have a job. The commute is awful....40 minutes each way, but the pay is good and I can't just keep turning down jobs. I just have to face the fact that there is nothing here in Norman.

We got our tickets booked for come home for Christmas! We are really excited to come home and spend time with our families and see some friends. We fly in late December 19 and then we will be in Utah until December 30. We can't wait to see everyone! Less than two months away.

I am in the process of painting my beautiful free piano. The color remains to be revealed but I promise it will not disappoint!

I went to the Goodwill today and bought two lamps and a lamp shade for a total of $6.50! I love finding good things for cheap!

This past weekend Mike and I were finally able to make it out to the temple for the first time. The temple is super small.....the LDS chapel next to it was actually taller! Definitely different than the Jordan River Temple that we are used to. This picture that we took of us in front of the temple is not really attractive of us because it was bright and windy but I thought it was interesting that we could take a picture of ourselves in front of the temple, and actually get pretty much the whole temple in the shot.


Mac and Cheese

Random: For dinner tonight, Mike and I had brats and mac and cheese (don't mock, I really do actually make real meals sometimes). But not just any mac and cheese.......mac and cheese shapes!! They were shaped like pumpkins and cats and bats. I LOVE mac and cheese shapes so much! They were so conveniently placed on the end of one of the aisles at Walmart, which means they were completely impossible not to buy. Every time I took a bite at dinner, I went "Mmmmmmmm" super annoyingly loud. That is just how much I love mac and cheese shapes.

I officially started my calling today at church. I teach the 9 year olds in primary. And there are like a million of them! I didn't have to teach today, but I sat with them during sharing time and man is this going to be a tough calling. A lot different than Miamaids thats for sure. But it will be good, always good to have a new calling and try something new. Mike has a calling too. He will be teaching the 14 to 16 year old Sunday school class. But he is an amazing teacher, so I am sure that he will be fantastic.

I met a guy at church today who happens to be the "Undergraduate Professional Development and External Relations Director" for the Business School at OU. He asked if I was working and I told him that I needed a job and he told me to email my resume and he would help me out. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. And to think that I was complaining to Mike because we were too early for church....!


Job Update

Just to keep everyone posted, the lady called yesterday and offered me the job. I turned it down. I just decided that it wasn't worth taking it to pass up other opportunities that I am still crossing my fingers for. A better job will come along.


First Job Interview in Okie

I had my first job interview since I have been here. It was for a company that does commercial roofing and waterproofing. The job interview seemed to go well, but I don't know how much I really want the job. I haven't been offered the job, so I may very well be jumping the gun. But I want to have a decision made so that if they do actually call and offer the job, I will know what to say.
So the pros and cons of this job:
Its a job!!
Its income!
My own office.
Its accounting
Its a pretty long commute (45 minutes in traffic)
The pay isn't wonderful
I would also be doing payroll...blah
You have to take a lunch hour
So to some, my cons list might seem retarded. But these things really do matter to me. But do I have room to be picky? I mean, this is my first interview in the two months (time is flying!) since I have been here. But also, I do have a college degree, and should be able to get a job with that degree. So really, I am taking suggestions on how to make this decision.