I hate this house. I was so happy to be in the same neighborhood, in the same ward, have an easy move to the house next door. All those joys are being completely wiped out by the fact that I hate this house. Mike and I have put so so so much work into this place. I have never worked so hard to make sure that my house was clean and smelled clean. So in addition to all the battles that we face in this house (including the smelly fridge that we STILL haven't used...oh how I miss refrigerated foods), yesterday I was cleaning carpets. Out of the kindness of a friend, we were able to borrow a carpet cleaner which I was so glad because I really want to get this smoke smell gone and the carpets were just really grimy. So yesterday I cleaned the living room...no problems, the office...no problems, and then I went to clean the guest bedroom. OH. MY. GOSH. There was a really big stain on the floor that we don't really remember when we moved in but its big and nasty and brown....we're thinking coffee was spilled. Well it was so big that part of the bed was covering it. Now obviously, the bed was up on a bed frame so its not like the stain was being suffocated. We moved the bed last night so that I could clean the carpet and this is what we found:
Do you see that?? Even if you don't, its because the camera wasn't doing the MOLD justice. Yep, whatever it was that was on the carpet was molding. I wanted to die. It just makes me think what else in this nasty house is molding, besides the fridge anyway. We cleaned it with the carpet cleaner but the stain still doesn't really come up. Plus what we read online was even if you clean the mold, it usually will come back. Sick. So we have had it. So thank goodness I married a lawyer. He wrote a nasty but not so nasty letter to our landlord pretty much telling them that they replace the carpet (or at least get some professionals in here to take care of it) and replace the fridge or we are out. And that we want our full deposit back. Because seriously, I'm paying rent, and I should not have to live like this.

And I can't even bake because I don't have a fridge to put eggs in. Sad.



Quick Update: We made it to Oklahoma. No car troubles, no driving troubles. Everything was smooth. Until we got home. Our fridge is pretty much rotten (stupid tenants before us left broccoli in the freezer and unplugged it). Mike scrubbed and scrubbed but that smell doesn't go away. The washer decided to overflow and flooded our laundry room and hallway. Luckily, Mike saw it before it completely soaked our living room. Mike's the  best and fixed it though. The printer wouldn't work. Mike fixed that too. It just seemed like nothing was going right. But Friday the 13th is pretty much over. We will lay in our bed and watch a movie and then we will go to New York in the morning. And when I get back, I will update on my last few days in Utah and our trip to New York!



I think its time that I make this chocolate cake. Just sayin. Is that not one of the most amazing cakes you have ever seen? Its on the list. Is it bad to make the cake that I want for Mike for his birthday?

One week. One more week in Utah. I know that I mention this every time that I blog but its coming so soon. It just breaks my poor little female heart. This back and forth stuff is tougher than I thought it was going to be. I go to Oklahoma and I feel like I was never in Utah. And then I come to Utah and I feel like I was never in Oklahoma. Its really weird.

 I have already started applying for jobs in Oklahoma. And I actually have my first interview already lined up. We get home the 12th and leave the 14th for New York so I was lucky that I had a day to interview in between. I really hope that this time its just easy. I would really like to just go to this interview, have them just love me and have me just love them, for them to offer me the right amount of money and then to just be hired. Just easy. That would be so nice. Fat chance, I'm sure.

We leave for New York in 11 days! I am so excited. We now have our hotels booked so we can breathe a little bit easier knowing we have somewhere to stay once we get there. I can't wait for our vacation. It makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Mike is already applying for internships for next summer. Apparently he applies earlier in his 2nd year because he has a year of grades behind him so he can. Its crazy to already be planning next summer when we aren't quite finished with this summer yet. He's made a couple of connections here in Utah with some attorney's and applied at a number of firms. He is keeping his options open though, looking in Oklahoma and also in Texas. So who knows where we will be next summer.

I see that in Norman this week its like 105 degrees!! I am so sorry for all my friends having to experience that and the humidity along with it. I am also so glad to be missing it.

There was really no point to this blog...