Well the football season has begun. Its official. We both have season tickets to OU this year (compared to last year only Mike having a season ticket because we didn't perform the spouse "process" correctly....stupid). Yesterday was the season opener. And of all teams to play, we played Utah State! We were excited to have such an easy win because everyone knows Utah State isn't so great. Well, we were nearly disappointed. OU played so so so horribly! OU was always in the lead scoring-wise, but at one point we really did think it was possible that we might lose! Lose to UTAH STATE!!! That just would have been embarrassing. Luckily we pulled through and won the game. Thank goodness or we may have stopped claiming the Sooners. Before the game, we were ranked 6 or 7, and even though we won, based on yesterdays game, we definitely shouldn't have been. So hopefully things turn around. And if anyone wants to come out and go to a game, you are more than welcome to take my ticket...and we even have a room you can stay in. (I know, right after I talk about how bad our football team is....but its not how good or bad the team is....its the Oklahoma football experience). We bought our Texas/OU tickets. If you know nothing about college rivalry, you may not know that this is one of the top in the nation. This game is huge! We got first dibs on tickets because we are season ticket holders. They were $120 a piece. Yes, I know. Super pricey. But we have to go at least once while we are Sooners, and if we decided to sell them, Mike has already gotten at least one offer for $200 a piece. So in the end if we don't go, we profit quite a bit! They always play the game in Dallas and its always the same weekend as the Texas State Fair. So either way, I think we will be going to Dallas that weekend. The Texas State Fair is the fair with the hundreds of different types of fried foods! And I have got to do that while I live here. It just sounds like an absolute blast!

I started my job this week. It seems to be going well. I am just happy to be working and not having to spend every day in this nasty house. The work days are starting out slow but I am sure once I learn more, they will pick up. All I know is I get paid well and my commute is about 15 minutes. So other than that, I don't really care!

Our house is still nasty. I haven't done a thing since we cleaned up the mold. And we still haven't heard from our landlord. If they don't contact us, we will contact them as soon as our rent check gets cashed. That way we know that they are officially home from being out of town. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that they just replace the carpet and the fridge and that we won't have to move out.

Anyway, anticipate bad blogging from me until I can get myself settled. I just feel like I am not having much time lately. And I have been working out every single day (except Sundays)....go me!....so time is even more scarce! But I truly look forward to the day when I have good news to share about this house!

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  1. So am I looking forward to good news about your house. I hope the landlords hurry up and fix it up for you. They need to realize that they could not find better renters and you and Mike. And about football; Utah State has actually improved there game. They have been better the last few years and have been getting some good recruits. So don't talk so bad about your dad's alma mater. Is that how you spell that? I only have a high school one. haha. But I have a masters degree in life experience and a doctors degree in raising wonderful daughters and a PHT (putting hubby through)certificate from Utah State!