Happy Black Friday! And I hope that everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving yesterday. We sure did. We ate some delicious food, including a decadent chocolate cake (which I will blog about when I upload the picture). We ate and napped and played. It was just a fabulous day. Mike and I started our shopping early at midnight last night at Walmart. We bought a camera, price matching from Office Max. Then home for about 3 hours of sleep and back to Best Buy. We showed up just in time to walk in the door. They only had 5 of the computers that we were hoping to get, but luckily, one of the gentleman who had been in line since 6 pm the night before, was selling off all of his tickets for $25 each. He still had the computer one so we took full advantage. So after purchasing our ticket and standing in line for 2 hours at the Best Buy checkout, we proudly walked out with the computer that we wanted, and we didn't even have to stand outside and freeze in the line like everyone else. Then back home for a quick shower and back out to the mall with Brock and Alli and the kids. We were also searching a bit for some luggage, because our suitcases have just had it and we are convinced that one of these days at the airport, our suitcase will be ripped apart while in the airport workers hands. That would be not good. We found a couple good deals, but I figured we had spent enough money for the day and just couldn't make the jump for the luggage too. We finally made it home and I am running still at 3:00 in the afternoon on only 3 hours of sleep. Wow, I'm awesome. Anyway, I hope that everyone got some fabulous deals today, and that you won't regret those purchases later....(I am already thinking I am going to be taking the camera back.) And now, time for my nap.

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