More Fall/Halloween Fun!

This weekend we had the privilege of hanging out with our good friends. The plan was to go to Gardner Village and see the witches....little did we know that it was Witches Night Out when we got there and there were hundreds of women there dressed up as witches. It was extremely crowded which made it hard to walk around and enjoy yourself. Yet, it was extremely entertaining seeing some of these strange women walk around and pretend they're witches. We decided that probably 50% of the women there actually were witches and were just excited that they could finally go out in public. Aside from the noise and the crowds, we had a pretty good time. Afterwards we went and grabbed some dinner and came back to our house and carved some pumpkins.....traditional Halloween activity that I will never grow out of!
Saturday night was a lot of fun too. Mike and I went with my family to dinner and then to see "Into the Woods" at Hale Center. It was really good! The set was fantastic; Hale always seems to do a phenomenal job with their sets! And the cast was really good also. I had seen the show before and sang a lot of the music in high school, so I was familiar with it. Mike wasn't too familiar with it but I think he enjoyed it mostly.....except for how long it was. All day Sunday I was singing songs from "Into the Woods"........good stuff!


Pumpkin Patch and Pizza!

A couple of weekends ago Mike and I took our trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out this year's winners! I explained to him that picking out a pumpkin was like picking out a wedding dress...there are a lot to look at but once you see it, you know that its the one. I know, I know, my thoughts are deep. It was absolutely freezing so we got to the point of finding 2 pumpkins that looked pretty good and getting the heck out of there. Both of our pumpkins were pretty heavy, and we didn't get a wheelbarrow, so Mike used his super strength and hauled them around. Such good times! Afterwards we went and had pizza buffet! All the pizza, salad, breadsticks and diet coke (my drink of choice) that you can stuff in you for like $7 or $8! Love it! More fun fall activities to come this weekend....and I'll try to be better about posting about them!



We are so excited to have another baby to welcome to the family! No, not us, Mike's brother and his wife just gave birth to a baby boy on October 9, 2008! Unfortunately they live in Houston so we are going off of pictures but he is absolutely adorable and we are all so thrilled to have a new nephew! With our busy schedules, we hope that we will be able to make it down to Houston before he is walking!
We also found out that my oldest sister is pregnant with her third baby! Her due date is May 9 and we are so excited. Its about time we get another baby in my family! They live close so it will help to fill the need I have to cuddle all these babies being born into our families!