My dear friend Annie got married yesterday! We were lucky enough to go to the ceremony in the beautiful Salt Lake Temple. The sealer was wonderful. The spirit in that room was so strong. Annie looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress that HER MOM MADE! Yes, her mother made her dress. How cool is that? And so much more meaningful to her I'm sure. Congrats to her and her new husband!

I finished another book: "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am sure most of you have heard of it now, since the movie starring Julia Roberts will be coming out soon. I actually started reading it before I even knew there was a movie, which makes me happy knowing I was reading it just to read it. I have heard mixed reviews about this book but I really enjoyed it. She had such a self-discovering journey. Its interesting to read her thoughts and realize how truthful her words are. It just all made sense. And it was entertaining. But don't take my word for it. You may hate it. But now I'm excited to see the movie. (I do secretly wish it was Sandra Bullock playing this part though....Julia Roberts will do good though.)

Two weeks from today we ship ourselves and all our stuff back to Oklahoma. Mike is really really excited. Not so much for me. Mike is just really looking forward to starting school again. I am really not looking forward to him starting school again. I have really liked having him around during the summer and when he starts school, he will be back to being the silent, studious type. Plus, I have to find a job again. And job searching is just not fun. If anyone knows of anything open in Norman, I am pretty much game for anything....well almost anything. I am looking forward to being in my house again with all my stuff. I sure have missed my stuff. Just that home-sweet-home feeling. And I miss my friends! Can't wait to see everyone again!


  1. I walked by Eat, Pray, Love the other day at Barnes & Noble and seriously considered picking it up - I'll have to now that you enjoyed it! The no-sweets-during-the-week idea is awesome! I think I want to adopt that too. It'd be nice to have a little moderation every once in a while :)

    Good luck on moving back in 2 weeks. Moving can be quite a hassle - if you guys need help with moving, lifting, packing or anything else let me know! After having just done that 3 times this summer - I understand how much another pair of hands can help.

  2. Love the shout out!
    I started laughing at my desk
    (PS Zac wasn't really going to make you paint - hopefully that's not what scared you off :))