My family finally got around to taking family pictures last night. We had originally planned to take them up Big Cottonwood Canyon, but things changed so to make things easier we just took them in my parents back yard. I think that they turned out well though. And it was pretty painless. 4 little kids and not a single tear. My sister is working on the editing of these pictures but as soon as I get my hands on them I will be posting. In the meantime, here is one that my little brother took of us while waiting for our turn to get our pictures done.


  1. you two are so cute! and I decided you should make a recipe book, I want to try some of these yummy looking creations!

  2. Cute cute picture! I love the Cheesecake Balls too. What a great idea and what a good way to be creative. I liked that you bought one already made too. That's so much easier! I'm so glad to see you two are doing well. I've missed staying updated with your blog so I'm excited to be back and keeping up with you and your fam!