No Costco?!?!?

Another opportunity to give something a rating. But to preface.....I have always been a Costco girl. I love Costco. The sights, the smells, everything about it makes me happy. I have been to Costco every year on my birthday for quite a few years and I wouldn't rather spend my birthday any where else. Not too mention the pizza, the hotdogs, the frozen yogurt.....so delicious. Well when my membership came up for renewal in May, I decided I had better double check that there was a Costco in Norman, OK.....even though I was confident that there would be one at least close to where I lived. WRONG! There is absolutely no Costco in the entire state of Oklahoma! What a miserable state! Well when it comes to bulk, the only other option I could think of was Sam's Club. Bah. I really just wanted a Costco. After I got over my slight stage of depression, and actually got to Oklahoma, and experienced the grocery stores here, we headed to Sam's Club. And it was GREAT! I couldn't believe how happy I was with it when I was constantly comparing it to my beloved Costco. But it really was nice.
So I am very happily surprised, leading me to give Sam's Club an 8!


All Grown Up

I just dropped my big boy off for his first day of Law School.
I am such a proud wife.
The beginning of 3 years of loneliness.
He will be here:
{Picture from OU College of Law website}

And for the time being, until I find a job, I will be here:
Man I am gonna miss that guy.
Looking for cheap hobbies if anyone has any suggestions!



Well I have started a new game since I have been in Oklahoma. To let everyone know about my new home, I am giving things, places, people and experiences ratings. It is a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being poor and 10 being superb.

It all started because of the grocery stores here in Norman. And let me just say.....LAME! There are two main grocery stores that are near me: Super C Mart and Homeland.

Its hard to explain but they both feel so country. Its that small, dirty, filled with old people thing that really just makes me uncomfortable. I live in a college town but I have yet to see anyone at these grocery stores shopping under the age of 65. There is a Walmart here, which is pretty nice, but I have never been one to enjoy doing my grocery shopping at Walmart, but I actually think that I am going to start. I have given Norman grocery stores a 2.


Oklahoma Fashion

Don't get me wrong, I love clothes just as much as the next girl, but here in Oklahoma, the fashion, or maybe the lack there of, is not quite what I had expected. I am not quite sure if they are going for the "just rolled out of bed" look or if they are going more for the "just went running" look, but every girl here seems to own, and constantly wear running shorts. And not just any running shorts, they have to be Nike running shorts. And not just any Nike running shorts, they have to be these Nike running shorts....{picture from Nike.com}

They come in all different colors, so any color is acceptable, but they have to be these shorts. It is just the strangest phenomenon. Mike and I were in Target the other day, and it must have been the day of freshman orientation because there were a lot of college students there with their parents. Without exaggeration, nearly all of the girls that we saw had on these Nike running shorts. It was the strangest thing. We started counting how many we saw because there were so many, but we ended up losing count. Then we went to Walmart and the same thing happened. Everyone must get a pair of these Nike running shorts. I have yet to buy myself a pair, but have highly considered it just so I can be like the "cool kids".


We Made It!

Well after over 1200 miles and 2 really long days, we finally made it to our new home in Norman, Oklahoma. Mike's parents had a little truck trouble so we had to drive a little slower than normal, with them pulling the heavy trailer. But all in all, we made it. And Oklahoma isn't too bad. Other than the heat and humidity, which are absolutely miserable. But we are still in the process of unpacking, so pictures of our cute house are yet to come. But here are some pictures of the drive.

Our New Home!


Practically down to hours...

Well we are almost there. In 4 days we pack up everything we own and drive 18 hours to an unfamiliar place without any source of income or knowledge of anything around us.
Isn't life just exciting?!
I have been packing all week and am pretty much ready to load up the trailer and head out. Mike and I both had our last days of work last Friday so this whole week we have been two unemployed people looking for something to keep our time occupied. Mike is still finishing this last semester at the University of Utah, so he studies and I pack. We have done some fun "Utah" things this week though. Monday we went downtown and walked gateway and layed on the grass at temple square. And of course, whats downtown without coming across a few creepy people on Trax. Yesterday we enjoyed eating at La Frontera (one of our "Utah" favorites) and then took a walk on the Jordan Parkway. Tonight we are headed up to the mountains for a hotdog roast and s'mores. Because there are NO mountains in Oklahoma so we have to enjoy it now. And who knows what the rest of the week will bring. Moving is starting to make me quite restless though. Now it just needs to get here. All this anticipation is killing me. Who knows, probably the next time I write, Mike and I will be official residents of Norman, OK!