And the Holidays Begin.

Congrats to our good friends who had their baby boy yesterday! He is super cute! Welcome to the world Little Link!

Also, New Moon is stupid. We had hopes. It was better than Twilight, but still really stupid. What a waste of $13.25.

We are going to Houston for Thanksgiving to spend it with Mike's brother and his family. We are so excited! Plus its a small getaway from school and work.

Happy Thanksgiving!


New Wheels and the Grossest Hot Chocolate Ever

With me finally having a job, and how demanding of my time my job is becoming, Mike and I decided that we probably needed to get him a car to get to and from school. He started looking for something super cheap, that was functional, and he test drove a few.
We ended up with this little beauty:Haha, the two toned leather really makes me laugh. But in the end we paid $2900 and it is a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it only has 98000 miles!! Mike is just happy to have control over when he goes to school and leaves school.

On another note, Mike and I went to breakfast this morning at McDonald's. With all the wonderful advertisements for their Hot Chocolate, of course I had to try some. Yeah......ew. It must come out of the same machine of the coffee. It pretty much was coffee. So Mike, being the generous guy that he is, took it back up and got a new one. The stupid lady behind the counter didn't say a word and just glared at him and got him a new one. And then guess what, he brought it back to me and we tasted it again. Worse this time. Not even close to Hot Chocolate. So Mike took it back up and just asked if we could get a soft drink instead. The stupid lady, who also happened to be the manager, just glared at him and handed him a cup for a soft drink. Anyway, moral of the story, don't drink McDonalds Hot Chocolate unless you really like the taste of coffee.


A Party for Two

On Sunday night, Mike and I threw a Christmas Decorating Party for ourselves. It was my childish idea, but we had a good time. We put up our Christmas Tree, we watched Elf, we had Hot Chocolate in our fun Christmas Mugs.....and the most fun of all, we hung the mistletoe. Christmas is the best time of year!
See Buddy the Elf on the TV?
Lucky for us, this picture took a couple of tries to get right...


And It Begins

Today was a great day for very simple reasons. One of these simple reasons was that Mike and I went to Michaels and bought this years Christmas candle. There is a specific Christmas smell that I love, and it is very particular. Finally last year, I came across the perfect candle that captured what I think Christmas smells like. And to make it even better, the candles are super cheap. 2 for $8 was what I got them for. So this year of course, I bought 2. Simple pleasures.
And for the update, the job is going well. It is stressful and the commute is a nightmare, but it will come together when I get more settled. The boss gave me $1000 to decorate my office! So I had a good time walking through Hobby Lobby and picking everything out. My position is actually a brand new position so as of right now, my desk and computer are being ordered so when its all put together I will take a picture and post it.


Skateboard Genius

Happy Official Halloween to everyone yesterday. Mike and I celebrated by going to the OU vs. Kansas State game. We had a great time. Pretty much half of the crowd left during halftime to go and get ready for their drunken Halloween Parties that we could overhear all of them talking about. There is of course, something that always makes me laugh when surrounded by people like this. Anybody ever heard of a pocket shot? Well I have now. And the girl in front of me had a special thing for the rum pocket shots. It really is just a shot of alcohol in a plastic bag thing that you can just buy at the store. So she spiked her beer with rum......twice. Wow, pocket shots must be an alcoholic's dream come true. But she did make it through the entire game though....without falling over.
Something yesterday that made me smile: Mike and I are driving to Walmart and we see two little girls that had put cardboard boxes on top of skateboards, found some nice thick sticks, put on their helmets, climbed into the cardboard boxes and proceeded to row themselves down the sidewalk. So adorable.