We had a fabulous weekend of eating shopping and hanging out with two adorable children.
Oh and their parents are pretty cool too. The holiday season is well under way and I have quite of bit of my Christmas shopping done and I am so glad. My tree is up, my house is decorated, I have watched Elf, I have had several cups of hot cocoa, and the radio is playing Christmas music. Now it just needs to snow, and we will be set. Of course, I don't really know how into the snow idea I am. I think as long as there is snow when I go to Utah for Christmas, it doesn't really need to snow here. I sure hope Mother Nature is reading this.

Oh and we did end up taking the camera back, for all those who were dying to know. The camera didn't have an exposed flash, it was one that had to be lifted up when it needed to be used. It didn't pop up on its own though, and that kinda drove me crazy. Maybe I was just looking for a dumb excuse to take back the camera based off of guilt, but either way, we took it back. And I feel much better about having the computer now.

Now its on to finals for Mike, he has about a week until his first final. Which means lots of quiet and alone time for me here at home. I think I am going to pull all my scrapbook stuff back out and set it all up in the 3rd bedroom so that I have my own little work space. And I haven't really scrapbooked since our summer in Utah, so its about time.

But since Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, I need to do a quick, cheesy list of what I am thankful for. My dear sweet husband definitely tops the list. He is so busy but he always finds time to make me feel special. I love him dearly and even though Oklahoma isn't quite at the top of the places I wanted to live in my lifetime, I would follow him anywhere. I have a fabulous family and wonderful in-laws that are so supportive and loving. Living 1200 miles from them doesn't change the fact that they are always there for us. Our friends here, and our friends in Utah. They understand that with Mike's busy schedule, we may not always be around, but we are always here for you guys, just like you have been for us. My job, that I whine and complain about, is really a very good job. I enjoy what I do, and I am very grateful to have been able to have the opportunity to have gone to school and graduated and still actually like what I do. Of course, the gospel, and the love of my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. I see Their blessings daily and I am grateful for my testimony. My eternal family! Oh what a joy it is to be with my sweet husband, and our children forever. It makes everything we go through here on earth worth it, right? And all the little things like delicious chocolate cake, the smiling faces of a niece and a nephew, a great deal on a new computer, and the lights on a Christmas tree.

This post may be a direct reflection of our current lives: boring and uneventful. And sometimes when I post, its more for journaling purposes or to let my mom know what is going on. I know most of you don't care about the dumb little things that I write about. But it's okay because we are happy.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend full of tender family moments and good food.
Now on to Christmas.....!


  1. I was betting a lot of money that you were going to take back that camera!! Of coarse the bet was with myself... LOL!! You are too funny and I love it!

  2. i care about the "dumb little things" you write about! ha! ok...that niece and nephew...cutest little smiles EVER! How can you not be happy around them?! so glad you are having a great holiday season...back to craft saturdays!

  3. You don't know how nice it is to hear about the "dumb little things" going on in the life of friends in the States. I can't tell you how much I miss the little things like being able to scrapbook (they don't have ANY of that stuff here) or how much I love hearing about the things you bake (that cake looks AMAZING!). Half the time it doesn't even matter what you're saying - I'm just grateful for something that makes me feel a little closer to home. Seriously, your ramblings as you might see them are a big blessing in my life!

    I don't know what I'd do without blogs to catch up on!

  4. I love that you write so much on your blog. Especially when you live so far and we don't get to talk a lot. Reading your blog is always so fun to hear what you and Mike are up to. I feel like I don't miss out on anything in your life. So keep writing about the dumb stuff! Oh and I want to see pictures of your christmas tree!