Ice Ice Baby Kyle

Well we made it through the storm. And it was crazy. At least an inch of solid ice and then on top of that probably 7 inches of snow. Snow I am used to, I mean I am from Utah, but I have never seen ice like this. I have never scraped ice like this off my car. You can't just scrape, you literally have to chip away at the ice. Pretty crazy stuff. And they don't sell snow shovels here. We have been to countless stores, none of which have snow shovels. I know it doesn't snow on a regular basis here, but the one day that it does, people will go crazy for snow shovels, so stores should really try to stock them.
What a better way to celebrate staying inside on a crazy snow storm day than to have a pizza and game night with friends. Thursday and Friday pretty much everything was closed because of the storm, including school and work for Mike and I, so by Friday night, we were bored to death of being stuck home, and so were all of our friends, so whats better than being stuck at home? Being stuck at home with friends!
On another note, my sister had her baby boy on January 29! He was 6 lbs 10 oz and 19 inches long! Mother and baby are doing well and parents are apparently on cloud 9! Congrats!


This Dreadful Emptiness Filled With Ice

We are beginning the experience of our first major ice storm here in Oklahoma. And let me tell you, it is bizarre. The weatherman is anticipating a violent storm coming through. On the news they give you a list of must-haves for this storm just in case things get as bad as they did apparently back in December 2007. This list consists of blankets, candles, flashlights, a full tank of gas, cash, non-perishable foods, generators, water, and the list goes on. I guess back in 2007 they weren't very prepared and it ended up being really bad. 600,000 people without power. Nearly every school is closed today (except for OU......of course....) and here I am sitting at work, anticipating my drive home. I don't know how to drive on an inch of ice! It just didn't make any sense for me even to have to come into work today at all. Just because the weather was fine driving here, doesn't mean it would be good driving home. So for the record, if I die on my icy ride home, please sue the company I work for, because my death is their fault. And my beneficiary is Mike.

I experienced the "best chicken fry in the universe" yesterday. Don't be jealous. I never ever eat chicken fried steak. Because lets be honest, its nasty. But yesterday I went with some coworkers to lunch and how do you go to Chuck House and not eat the chicken fried steak? Well in my mind, its really easy I just order something else that actually tastes good. But they bought so I figured I would just go for it. And since I have nothing to compare it too, I guess it was fine. A hefty amount of calories I am sure. I started to peel off the actual fried part just to save myself of ingesting too much of that astronomical amount of fat. But its a good day at work when someone else pays for lunch, no matter what it is I am eating.

Speaking of work, my office shares the wall with the break room and right now, the shop guys are chilling in the break room singing and playing guitar. Oh dear. I am one to talk as I sit here and blog. So much for actually working today, the storm must have just thrown everybody off. But apparently we are closing down at lunch and then we are off til Monday.....!

Mike starts applying for summer internships this weekend. So wish us luck as we once again make another huge decision. Law school internships are extremely important considering that you usually get your job based on those internships. But Mike is 100% wonderful so I am sure that he will get exactly what it is he is looking for. Whatever that may be. For some reason we never really know that it is exactly what we were looking for until after its already happened. Funny how things work sometimes.

Speaking of Mike though.....man do I love that guy. Dream come true, really.


Eeyore and Jesus

I work with an Eeyore. He looks like Eeyore. He walks around like Eeyore. He talks like Eeyore. How depressing.

I saw guy walking on the side of the freeway yesterday carrying a cross. I shouldn't say carrying. Dragging a cross over his shoulder down the side of the freeway. What kind of statement is this man trying to make? Maybe he just wanted to see how Jesus felt. Yeah, maybe. Except I am pretty confident that Jesus wasn't wearing jeans and tennis shoes. I am pretty sure Jesus wasn't walking on paved road while carrying his cross. And I am pretty sure that the cross that Jesus was carrying didn't have wheels on the bottom to make it less of a burden. What was the point of this? I will never know. But I do know that Jesus atoned for all of us. So instead of dragging a cross down the side of the freeway, lets just respect our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and use the atonement the way that it was meant to be used.


Best Store Ever

During my lunch break the other day, I drove past a store called "Garden Ridge". On the outside it advertises....Home Accents, Furniture, Crafts......and so on. And then it occurred to me that this could be the same fantastic store that my sister-in-law introduced me to in Houston over Thanksgiving! So today, I took my lunch break and went to check it out and see if it was the same store. And it was!! Now for all of you who don't know what this store is, its like a cross between Tai Pan, Hobby Lobby and Ross. And it is absolutely huge! The prices aren't super cheap, just pretty average, but if you were ever looking for a pot, or a painting, or a bar stool......I promise you will find it at this store.

I just happened to find their Christmas sale....90% off. So I found two little plant things....regular price....$24.99 each......and I spent a total of $5.40! Oh happy day. I love awesome deals.

Another Weather Update

Well folks, its 60 degrees today and awesome outside! And its supposed to be like that for the rest of the week. Mike and I celebrated last night by taking our first walk of 2010. Just a light sweater was all that was needed....and this was AFTER the sun had gone down. And then, when a fabulous walk just couldn't get any better, we saw a falling star. Beautiful. Spring may be coming early this year....I can only hope. I have decided that I pretty much hate winter. I love winter clothes. But I hate winter.


Work Perk Weekend

This weekend, my work hosted a Sales Conference and we flew in our sales reps from around the country and put them through all kinds of boring workshops, but most importantly.....wined and dined them. I was obligated to be there the entire weekend, which was boring and tedious but also fun and 100% free. (Plus Mike and I got to stay in a hotel downtown for FREE). On Friday night, we went to a steakhouse here in town and rented out one of their rooms and ate and then had a casino night. Let me just say, Mike and I have never ever gambled. Which means, when you talk about poker, black jack, craps, etc.....I have no idea what you are talking about! So Mike and I parked it at the black jack table, learned the ins and outs and stayed there for 3 hours playing! Its all luck, but Mike did well.....I did not as well. It was fake money we were playing with and whoever had the most money at the end was awarded prizes. Top three women, and top three men. Lucky for me, there were only 4 women there so I had great chances. Mike was up against at least 30 men, so at the end we just pooled our money and I took 2nd place! I got Clinique product, a purse and $100 gift card to Macy's.

Saturday night we all went to a Thunder game, they got two suites and fed us dinner. We had a great time there too. And the Thunder actually won, so that always makes for a better game. I bet you didn't know that before the game starts, even before the national anthem, there is a prayer. Yes, a prayer. And to make it even more interesting for Mike and I, the guy who said the prayer was reading his previously written prayer off of his iPhone. Oh dear. And people think Mormons are weird.

We went and bought our Elton John and Billy Joel tickets!! I am so excited. The concert is February 25...so we are just celebrating Valentines Day then. This is like my dream come true concert, so I am so thankful to Mike for putting up for my music tastes.

My sisters baby shower was last Thursday. I am so bummed that I couldn't be there. And I can't believe that I am going to miss this adorable baby boy finally gracing us with his presence. But good luck to the parents! I am so excited for you! February 1st is not too far away!


Boredom Blog

I have been such a blah person lately. My job has been so time consuming. I have been working later hours just to try to get stuff done, and then I add in my commute time....an extra hour and a half a day, and I pretty much lose all time at home with Mike. I get home, eat something for dinner....often a bowl of cereal, because Mike has already eaten dinner, because I don't get home in time to cook....but even if I did get home in time to cook, I probably wouldn't because I don't have the energy or mental capacity to even think of something to make. Then I usually plop down in front of the stupid TV because I have no desire to workout, or clean, or do pretty much anything. I haven't done a load of laundry in weeks, because Mike has pretty much taken over that whole chore. Then I take a shower and am usually in bed by 10:00 because I am wiped. I have no ambition lately. I just don't want to do anything.....ever. Then again, what is there to do? If I had all day every day to do whatever I wanted, just liked I did before the dreadful day of November 4, 2009 when I got a job, what would I even do? Well for one, my house would be clean. I could be a better wife. I could actually workout again. But really, that's about it. Hobbies are expensive. And so is law school tuition. So for now, I continue working to keep the student loans at a minimum. But the student loans cannot go to support my desire of redecorating my house, making healthy gourmet meals, or replacing my wardrobe. So I continue to read the books that I borrowed from my mom, and then utilize both my library card and my digital cable that I am still convinced is severely overpriced. Being bored is awful. But having no money to pay bills is worse. So I suck it up, at least on the outside. Sadly, Michael gets the brunt of whats on the inside. So to my dear husband, I am sorry for the lack of wife that I am. Just call me the breadwinner.....I cannot wait for the day when I can no longer say that.


My Love For Hobby Lobby

I love you Hobby Lobby.
I went today and finally got myself a Nativity.
Regular Price: $100.00
The awesome price I paid: $20.00
Gotta love 80% off.
It is pewter (or at least looks like pewter).
And absolutely beatiful.
Only about 300 more days until I can put it out.


New Year Thoughts

I miss Christmas.
I took down all my Christmas decorations today.
It was sad.
Airplanes really smell bad.
I forget that small detail and then I get on a plane.
And they make my stomach hurt.
Costco pizza is the best pizza I have ever tasted.
I made my first batch of homemade ice cream in my new kitchenaid attachment ice cream maker.
I love my husband. He is constantly making me smile.
Our gas bill more than doubled.
Some new way of pricing the gas that you use.
I hate you Oklahoma Natural Gas.
I finally got a firewire cord.
I can now convert my camcorder videos into DVD's.
This is exciting.
The Da Vinci Code and Pearl Harbor have the best movie music ever.
Seeing Avatar kind of made me want to be a Navi.
Winter is cold and awful.
People in Oklahoma have no idea how to drive in snow.
A little kid in the Walmart parking waved to me.
It was like he knew me. He was so excited to see me. I love kids.
I am so happy 2009 is over. What a dumb year.
2010 is gonna be my year. I am gonna make it that way.