Quick Update: We made it to Oklahoma. No car troubles, no driving troubles. Everything was smooth. Until we got home. Our fridge is pretty much rotten (stupid tenants before us left broccoli in the freezer and unplugged it). Mike scrubbed and scrubbed but that smell doesn't go away. The washer decided to overflow and flooded our laundry room and hallway. Luckily, Mike saw it before it completely soaked our living room. Mike's the  best and fixed it though. The printer wouldn't work. Mike fixed that too. It just seemed like nothing was going right. But Friday the 13th is pretty much over. We will lay in our bed and watch a movie and then we will go to New York in the morning. And when I get back, I will update on my last few days in Utah and our trip to New York!

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  1. Sheesh! What a welcome home! Hopefully New York made things lots better.