What Today Is: {Friday! and FridayFreeForAll}

Well gosh. It's finally Friday. {10 points if your now singing "Finally Friday" by George Jones. If you're not, well you will be.}
I spent the entire day yesterday moving boxes out of our storage unit into my inlaws basement. Currently the story of my life.

Every part of my body is sore. I think I went up and down those stairs approximately 4,000 times. And only about a third of my storage unit is cleaned out. But we'll get there. Yes, we certainly will.

Between that and Grandma's and Grandpa's house at the beginning of the week,

lunch dates with dear friends,

....oh and Mike finally joining me in Utah.....I've been crazy busy.

Oh and this stupid sudoku that I'm determined to finish. It's gonna happen.

So now, as promised, I leave you with today's FridayFreeForAll.

Finally Friday
George Jones

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