What I Am Up To: {My Ploy to Not Get a Dog}

At some point in running my mouth, Mike claims that I told him that we could get a dog once we bought a house.

I have NO recollection of saying this.

But he continues to push and we continue to get closer and closer to finally being able to stay in one place long enough to settle down.

But how do I know that I wouldn't end up being the one that has to take care of this dog? I mean, isn't that what always happens?

So I've told Mike he has to prove it to me.

A dog lives 12+ years.
And every day, you have to pet that dog. Scratch that dogs head. Every day.

So if I can get Mike to play with my hair and scratch my head nearly every day for 12 years, he can get a dog.

I wish I could say that I really just wanted to make sure Mike would take care of this dog, but really it's my ploy to get Mike to play with my hair but in the end, still not have to get a dog.

Day 1

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