Month of Thankfulness

The last day of November is prompting me to be thankful, being this is the month of thanks and all.

I'm thankful to be blessed enough to build a house. What a grown up accomplishment.

I'm thankful for clean dishes.

I'm thankful that Mike is a sports fan, so I don't have to pick the teams, I just pick his. Go Thunder?

I'm thankful for only a 3% tax on food in Utah.

I'm thankful for Christmas lights/trees/candles.

I'm thankful for the $15 worth of JCPenney gift certificates that I won.

I'm thankful that after 19 years, my parents finally finished their basement. And oh, was it worth the wait. Gorgeous.

I'm thankful for teapots.

I'm thankful for my commute that gives me time to read the scriptures.

I'm thankful for my four beautiful sisters.
I'm not thankful that two {TWO!} of them are moving out of state at the end of December.
But I am thankful that they are following their dreams!

I'm thankful for the suddenly rare desire to blog. Documenting my really busy, boring life is so unappealing...except when its not.

I'm thankful for The Family Stone. Let's just vote Ben off the island.

I'm thankful for this scene at Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone had a great month of thankfulness. On to the next.

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