What I Am 100% Confident the Castle in the Clouds Looks Like: {DC Temple}

I can't even explain to you the beauty of the Washington D.C. Temple. As soon as we rounded the corner, it's beauty took my breath away. And then I mumbled something about it not even looking real. Because it doesn't. {I wish pictures could do it justice, but really, they just don't}
If you would have told me I was in heaven, I would have believed it. The spirit there is incredible. As it is at all LDS temples. But there is something different about being on the grounds of one that is so breathtakingly beautiful.
Hands down would have been married there if I would have lived on the East coast. Oh the wedding photos....
And then we kissed in front of the temple. 
It must of been the jealousy of the brides and grooms having their pictures done or something.

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  1. Those bridges and grooms are jealous of you because you have been married longer and are even deeper in love!