What Consumes Me: {My Thoughts On Job Interviews}

If there was a job for going to job interviews, I would have that job. And since when did the world change into phone interviews, then first interviews, followed by second interviews. Gosh people, just make a decision already.

I talk as if I'm dying to get back to the job field, unfortunately I've gotten quite used to my unemployment and am rather enjoying this freedom. I did have an interviewer remark that being unemployed during the summer is definitely the way to go. And I couldn't agree more. In the winter I would be stuck home in my pj's because I'd be to scared to drive anywhere. But suddenly being stuck home doesn't sound too horrible in comparison to being forced to brave the weather because of a gosh, darn job. Plus you have to wear real clothes when you work. And that's just yucky.

So back to interviews. The accounting profession has suddenly hopped on this trend of testing their candidates. Like debits and credits, do this journal entry, and build this income statement from scratch. Who does that anymore? Everyone who is anyone knows that income statements are built from fancy formulas that the manager created. I thought I might have died during my first interview test last week. My palms were all sweaty, my heart was pounding just like the old college days. Except back in the college days I had a book that I had studied out of to prepare for the test. Degree or no degree, if you don't do something on a regular basis, chances are several years later you are not going to remember the answers for the test in a job interview. I found myself coming home and googling the questions just to be sure I had put the correct answer.

So getting a job is stressful.

And I've definitely decided that working is probably better than interviewing. And dear Heavenly Father, if you give me a job, I will never ever ask for another job again.

Because, freak, I hate interviews.

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