Cinnamon Rolls and Such

Today, an old lady asked me where I got my shirt and I lied and told her I couldn't remember because I got it at Forever 21.

This household is now fully employed. Mike got himself a job as a real life attorney. And the fun begins.

Yesterday we celebrated the birth of Mike. 27 years old, he is. And just as cute as ever.
And that right there is a white chocolate, funfetti cinnamon roll made by yours truly for the birthday bash. In the beginning, it was touch and go, but they turned out pretty tasty.

This past weekend we added to our little family. 2012 Honda Civic.

Sean is the next bachelor. I told Mike I needed to get my audition tape ready. Umm....
Jokes, people. Jokes.

In the middle of season 2 of Lost. How did we miss this bandwagon when it was on TV? But I tell ya, not having to wait for the commercials or the next season to come around is pretty awesome. It's a borderline addiction.

Still trying to talk myself into the half marathon I've been training for. Blah. Blah. Blah. I'd rather eat cinnamon rolls and watch Lost.

Hate this blogger layout.


  1. Yay for employment!! Yay for Mikes birthday! Yay for new car!

    Lost is sooo addicting. I've watched every episode.

    And I want one of those cinnamon rolls. Recipe?

    I miss you guys. Even just seeing your beautiful faces at church once a week was enough for me.

  2. Did you write this post the same day you were texting me?!
    Lol xoxo