A Picture and Some Slightly Related Words

I've decided that partaking of the finer things in life means I need to remain unemployed. That seems an oxymoron however, isn't that what husbands are for is to bring home the bacon, amongst other things. And please make it turkey bacon, if you please. For example, take going to Swiss Days with my mother and sisters. On a Friday morning. I can tell you that employment would have made that little girls date rather hard to attend. Plus that scone. Oh the scones. I thought I died and went to a gooey, deep-fried heaven.

However all good bouts of unemployment come to an end, and I guess its rather fitting that my summer in the sun concludes right along with summer. Monday morning I head back to the corporate world. Yes, I scored myself not one, but two job offers all within an hour of each another. Tough decisions and all. But in five short days I will find myself amongst Utah's largest concrete jungle, in a high rise none the less. I feel I've hit the big time. However, I think my pajamas are going to get lonely come Monday.

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